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  1. Dalamar

    How come vampires and demons count as sci fi?

    Vampires and demons should be put in the fantasy category , in my humble opinion, since fantasy goes without the speculation. In fantasy it's very common to just explain everything with "It's a different universe" and of course the trump card for everything "it works with magic". In the same...
  2. Dalamar

    Sci-Fi resources and appendixs

    Star Trek wiki : MemoryAlpha Stargate wiki : Stargate Wiki
  3. Dalamar

    Sci-Fi Your Favorite Star Trek Series and Why

    Voyager. It seemed to be the biggest thrill, since the crew was on their own, Starfleet couldn't help if they wanted , and let's not forget - the Captain and Chakotay.
  4. Dalamar

    Sci-Fi Favorite Type of Sci Fi

    I'd have to say I mostly watch space opera, though I'm really interested in time travel Can someone suggest a list of titles ?
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