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    LiveJournal Thread #3

    I can never make icons in big batches; it's pretty pitiful. :lol: I love your icons, DB ^_^ :) Resources Two Amelie Icons:
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    LiveJournal Thread #3

    Lovely, lovely icons Jaimie and Salad. (Salad, I'm taking #9 - will credit.) Jaimie - A bunch of my friends went to the premiere for Elizabethtown and all got pictures & autographs of Orlando Bloom, but apparently his agent was a total b**** and wouldn't let them get pictures with him.
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    LiveJournal Thread #3

    I made some Lost icons. Please credit Livejournal User fou_pingouin if you use any. Pictures from Lost-Media. Lyrics on the last one from Sufjan Stevens' The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts (not that you're supposed to tell, but still.)
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    Veronica Mars

    That's quoted from this thread which is the thread for requesting a show to have it's own subforum. With just 5 pages in one thread that's fairly active, I don't think that VM is going to warrant it's own subforum yet, guys. :( Sorry about that. I think Veronica Mars is going to be really...
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    Politics Freedom vs. Secuirty

    I think that it's implied in our governmental system, but is not necessarily the same in other systems.
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    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    I don't really follow Mugglenet, or the issue that much, but it's sad that JKR would ridicule some of her most devoted fans in such a way. I just thought of something else that is not really all that important, but interesting all the same. The old lady that Voldemort probably stole the cup &...
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    SD-1 Refugees #3

    wow, I haven't been in the ML in MONTHS... :ph34r: :wave: Hi, Sd-1 kids & Mandy!
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    made one last icon today (the other two are in jems' icon challenge and i'm far too lazy to upload them now). I applied the same effects to the first one in her challenge that I did this one... basically. A little different. But not really. Textures: Tre, Thia, Bad Karma Pics: the safe house...
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    A Child Called "It" Discussion's Book Club Book # 3 has finally been chosen. Congradulations to A Child Called "It" : One Child's Courage to Survive by Dave Pelzer! You may discuss here. :) *Note: This month's book is slightly graphic in nature in the sense of the abuse the main character suffers. This is a...
  10. A's Book Club Book #3: VOTING!

    Voting is officially CLOSED! The winner for the book club this month will be A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer and so I'll have a thread up by this weekend/early next week. Go out and read the book! ^_^
  11. A's Book Club Book #3: VOTING!

    So far it look like Dave Pelzer's book is in the lead, but remember you have until tomorrow to vote! I'll probably put up the new thread this weekend!
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    About making banners

    You can request a signature here or ask a specific person to make one for you in their appropriate threads in the Fan Media forum. I'm sure someone will be more than happy to make you one. :) Closing and Moving...
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    Need Help Picking A Book!

    With the One Acts, I know the Dumb Waiter is good, but I haven't read enough One Acts to even know what any of the other ones are.
  14. A's Book Club Book #3: VOTING!

    We have 5 choices now, so I created a poll. Please vote! :) Ask me, ehgripo, or SecretAgentMan if you have any questions.
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    :thud: ::attempts to speak:: :thud: ETA: I stole one... or two... or all. :mellow: Sogood.
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    Need Help Picking A Book!

    A Clockwork Orange is confusing as hell, and extremely dirty. Handmaid's Tale was dirty and just plain creepy. Alias Grace was I've heard, good, but I didn't like the Handmaid's Tale. Anna Karenina is like 1000 pages and VERY BORING. Pride and Predjudice- yuck. The Girl with a Pearl Earring...
  17. A's Book Club Book #3: VOTING!

    I wanted to get at least a one or two more reccommendations, but if you'd rather I can just set up the voting right now?
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    Pop Art

    Simply amazing, Agnes :up: THe colors & pictures you used give a really "classy" feel to it.
  19. A's Book Club Book #3: VOTING!

    yay, for suggestions! Oh, my friend has read Dave Pelzer, so sad :(
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    Non-Alias Related Blends

    Oooh :shocked: That's amazing, Agnes. Actually, Reese went to my friend's high school. But it's kind of a creepy all-girls school and they're all supposedly really stuck up. But nice art!
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