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    Politics Person of the Year

    It's that time of the year again when we start getting all those polls and recaps about the year that was. So I thought I'd do a Person of the Year poll here a la Time Magazine (which I thought totally copped out by not making Osama Person of the Year in 2001 :rolleyes: ). Naturally, the...
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    Sexpionage: J/I in real life

    This is an interesting article I read that just screamed Alias and J/I right at me! So I thought I'd post it- not sure if this is the right forum though. May be useful for fanfic writers. A taste of the chilling, less romantic version of J/I in real life- all about Stasi "romeos" who seduced...
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    Politics What is the most serious problem in the world?

    I have read many heated discussions over gay marriage and abortion here, especially in light of the US elections, but IMHO, frankly they are many other issues in the world that are more serious and deserve much attention. Therefore I have posed the question in the poll and I hope to hear your...
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