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  1. screenersam

    Which Show Would You Like to be in?

    if life were a tv show, which (sci-fi) would you like to be in? I pick Twin Peaks. fairly modern tech, present-day US, decent weather, interesting place (to say the least!). I thought about Buffy, but while I love to watch I don't think I'd last long in Sunnydale! of course the monsters...
  2. screenersam

    Online Article; '27 Best Sci Fi Shows' online article / stuff to binge during virus a lot of obscure stuff like 'middleman' and 'counterpart' I've never seen does not include ST/TOS, nor the original Outer Limits! boo.
  3. screenersam

    Vast of Night

    saw a preview of this the other day. looks great. modern movie set in the 1950s. phone worker and radio announcer investigate local saucer sightings. available on Amazon. a theater release is planned but might not happen
  4. screenersam

    'War of the Worlds' redo on Epix I saw the first two episodes. the aliens are not shown at all in the pilot and briefly in ep#2. it's okay. better than the syndicated one back in the 90s
  5. screenersam

    Screen Rant; 10 Scariest Alien Monsters I'd never heard of half of them.
  6. screenersam

    Comic Book Project I'm working on

    I'm working on a comic/graphic project tentatively entitled 'City of Masks' takes place in fictional Portage City Oregon the city has totally outlawed firearms, even police. I use this as a plot device cuz one must have incredible powers (or body armor) to be immune to bullets. I want to do...
  7. screenersam

    Roswell NM

    this week I binge watched Roswell NM (13 episodes, CW network) *spoilers* Riverdale wannabe. teen sex, gay, parent issues, etc. occasional snarky leftist comments didn't help. characters were not memorable or appealing. uninspired plot very PC. the two bad guys were white males, one military...
  8. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Wandering Earth (2019) [Netflix]

    chinese blockbuster 'Wandering Earth' hits netflix What If Netflix Released a $700 Million Blockbuster and No One Noticed? Oh Wait, It Just Did doom porn can't be much worse than our stuff trailer: they seem to have spent serious money on it
  9. screenersam

    'Prisoner' reruns on Folk TV

    very obscure cable channel called Folk TV is showing Prisoner reruns three episodes on Saturday nights low-budget operation. ends/begins a few minutes off and listings don't describe episodes. also rerunning 'Secret Agent', also with McGoohan. enjoying. one great, if sometimes enigmatic, show.
  10. screenersam

    'Quatermass' reboot in works

    ‘Quatermass’ Movie In Works From Legendary, Hammer & ‘Night Manager’ Scribe David Farr "David Farr, who penned the script for The Night Manager and the sci-fi pic Hanna, is adapting. Hammer’s Simon Oakes (The Woman in Black, The Lodge) is producing. Jon Silk and Jay Ashenfelter will oversee...
  11. screenersam

    Horror Anyone seen 'Slenderman'?

    anyone seen the big-screen Slenderman? out on redbox/pay per view now. I'm not a horror fan but the Slenderman stuff intrigues me, as much the real-world stuff as the concept. I love those creepy 'sighting' pics. I'm thinking next weekend renting it.
  12. screenersam

    'Be Cool Scooby Doo'

    the most recent Scooby Doo cartoon titled 'Be Cool Scooby Doo'. animation is a bit low-tech. usual formula of masked miscreants busted by the meddling kids. much lighter in tone than the superb 'Mystery Incorporated'. lots of witty humor if you listen closely. the more I watch the more I...
  13. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Anyone Seen the New MST3K? (I haven't)

    anyone seen any of the new MST3Ks yet? is any channel replaying the old ones? I never see them listed.
  14. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Which X-Files Episode / Entity Would You Like More of?

    which X-Files monster-of-the-week or entity would you like to see again / more of? the tree things from 'detour' tooms the squeeze guy Jersey Devil Chupacabra (can't think of any more top of my head) wouldn't it have been great if they finally did an alien invasion movie and all those monsters...
  15. screenersam

    'UFO' with Gillian Anderson

    UFO Trailer: Gillian Anderson and Mysterious Sightings unfortunately this has nothing to do with the 1960s tv series. UFO sightings @ an airport (Cincinatti?) inspire geeks to tech up; looks like the gummint is involved. Gillian plays one of the geek's teachers.
  16. screenersam

    What Graphic / Print Novel (Sci-Fi) would you like to see movie-ized?

    what GN / print would anyone like to see movie-ized? I would like to see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen done, staying much more to the original source. instead of a lame weapons maker having his secret lair blown up (how often have we seen that?) we could have Fu Manchu's kite warriors...
  17. screenersam

    Drama Mulholland Drive

    recently re-watched Mulholland Drive, a fairly recent David Lynch work. as Twin Peaks and many other of his films, it's alternately genius and maddeningly obtuse. (Spoilers ahead) I heard a rumor that it was supposed to be a pilot for some network and he ended up making it into a feature, but I...
  18. screenersam

    Omni reboot

    anyone else remember Omni magazine? there's now an online version OMNI Reboot - The Best Science Fiction Webzine Ever I had no idea. looks interesting.
  19. screenersam

    Sci-Fi The Great Martian War 1913-1917 (History Channel)

    wow. looks pretty impressive. History channel Dec 8, I believe
  20. screenersam

    Animation Scooby / Bugs remakes

    New Scooby show 'Be Cool Scooby Doo' on Toon/Boomerang. I like. Follows the traditional formula / person in costume of the week. Much lighter than 'Mystery Incorporated'. Bright clear graphics. The charax are drawn a little more like teens, esp Velma. (Let's face it, the original gang...
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