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    it's been a while

    hello people, greetings to old friends and those to be :D -I'm back in the world, whose been doing what? Where?
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    Exhibition of artwork

    not visited for a while -been busy: :artist: got work at exhibition opening tomorrow: Middleton Hall, The Centre MK, Milton Keynes, (if you happen to be in England going up or down the M1 between now and Sunday)
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    bad day/week/month/year?

    :mad: Do you ever get a day where everything seems to go wrong? Or longer? :( You want to be somewhere else? :Puzzled: You're damned if you do something -you're damned if you don't? :confused: If there's supposed to be light at the end of the tunnel, it's a very long tunnel?
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    Has there been a poll on favourite authors, films, tv, books, comics? Thoughts anyone?:)
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    'older Books'

    Anyone read Alfred Bester's Tiger Tiger (reprints as The Stars My Destination) or Inferno by Niven/Pournelle?
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    downloading for gallery

    Gif or Jpeg? What size? To whom?:artist:
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