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  1. JRenee

    Sci-Fi Dreams of a Messiah

    Hello all! I wanted to make an official post about my sci-fi novel series. The prologue has taken up most of the website so far but my intention was to offer the entire prologue for free. The prologue is about telepathic cybernetic aliens that visited Earth (or Gala, as the aliens refer to...
  2. JRenee

    It's so sparkly and shiny!

    Hello, Cool Sci-Fi community! I've never joined a sci-fi forum before but this one looked well made and 'spacious'. :woot: I grew up in California (near Sacramento) but I currently love living in the state of Washington, the Pacific Northwest has a vibe that just can't be found any other...
  3. JRenee

    Giants Existed 100,000 - 10,000 Years Ago?

    As I've studied early human evolution and tools, I find myself wondering why the classic "chain of evolution" picture starts with a small ape hominid and then proceeds to get bigger until it reaches our height and posture of modern homosapien sapiens... especially when we have unearthed fossils...
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