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    Good Grades

    Do all your assignments, and do them well. Pay attention in class and take notes. Study for your tests a little bit a time so you're not overwhelmed the night before. Ask questions when you have them. Get help when you need it.
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    Shorty Challenge Winners

    Congratulations to all the participants and winners! :)
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    They Call Me Charlie.

    Title: They Call Me Charlie Author: Rileylovesalias Genre: Fiction Rating PG-13 Summary: Will the voices stop? A/N: This short story was originally written for the Shorty Challenge, but it has morphed into so much more. The prose is extremely experimental for me, and I have never...
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. So far, amazing.
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    "On the Radio" by Regina Spektor
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. (It isn't that good.)
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    *Let's Speak French* 5

    I'm sorry to bother you again, but I have another question. Is the following sentence grammatically correct?: Il y a aussi trois fenêtres et il y a des livres. Merci beaucoup.
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    *Let's Speak French* 5

    New speaker of French here! On Friday we have our oral exam, and our teacher hasn't taught us how to pronounce a few words. I was hoping you guys could help. américaine intelligente sympathique Your assistance is appreciated! Merci beaucoup!
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    English Help

    Unfortunately, my English teacher seems to find it funny to scramble words and make us helplessly try to discover what they are. This is his latest attempt: etincnon I'm not feeling the greatest and this is making me quite upset. Does anyone have the foggiest notion what this word may...
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    The Gold Rush of 1849

    Thank you :D
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    The Gold Rush of 1849

    Some backstory: In acting class we were asked to put together a scene to demonstrate the stage fighting techniques we have learned. My partner and I, of course, picked a very odd situation. It's August 1849 and we are gold miners in California. To make a long story short, my partner steals my...
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    When Does Your School Start?

    Time to revive this thread since school is just around the corner! I go back, unfortunately, this Thursday, August 3rd.
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    Starbucks Addicts!

    Lately I've been eating the chocolate chip cookie and a passion tea lemonade. Very good combo! Summer takes the joy out of hot coffee. And the cinnimon dolce is gone.
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    Dashboard Confessional

    Their new CD, Dusk and Summer, is in stores June 27th! I cannot wait. :)
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    Science Help

    Thank you very much, Mandy. It helped a lot. :) :hug:
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    Science Help

    The joyful time of finals has arrived and my teacher has decided to do a chapter a day ( :thud: ) AND assign our exam review packet. So here I am with a question or two and sincere gratitude for those who assist me. The question on the review packet says, "Recognize possible reasons for the...
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    Look Who's Stalking Now

    I personally think it was one of the best episodes of the season.
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    ~+~ Random # 284 ~+~

    I know that my friends said that spacers hurt, but I didn't think they'd hurt this much. I just hope the tylenol pm kicks in soon :(
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    Starbucks Addicts!

    The new Cinnamon Dolce Latte is amazing. My favorite drink by far!
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    Dean Or Jess?

    And now I've grown to hate Dean with a passion. Bring back Jess!
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