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    One more time around

    Space Elevator time again? Since Arthur C. Clark's "Fountains of Paradise" in 1979, this item has been knocking around as a Blue Sky project. Sounds good, but ... What are your feelings on it and why? Too expensive Not yet possible Too long to complete Toxic underwriting Many an...
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    401k, markey, pension worries?

    What's your number for pulling the plug, trigger time? (to Sell it all) 8,200-8,000 This number approach-eth Sad news all around, perhaps another week before we see the bottom, and then months before the economy catches the market. Another bail-out? The first one should be called the New...
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    Sci-Fi The Day The Earth Stood Still

    Just saw a trailer for the remake of "the Day the Earth Stood Still". Looks pretty good. I wonder what they came up with to make it different, yet the same story. You can find trailers for it, and it's already got me interested. Looks like another hopeless situation for mankind. We are ...
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    Halo commeth

    Looks like a hoot. I've read some of the books, not all. I think it's something I'll probably like. or if those addresses are dorked up somehow, just go to you tube...
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    When is it considered a rip?

    A question for those who have an opinion. When is it considered a rip-off of another work? How big of a percentage is over the line? Many stories are "similar" to another theme or plot but are unique in their own way. Is this decision made by attorneys and pay-offs, or is there an invisible...
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