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    ABC to End 'Alias' Run in May 2006

    I just got the news(yes i'm slow on reading my emails and being on the internet lately....a complete 180 from when this show started actually). Speaking of which, when this show started I was hooked from the first commercial i saw. Up until last season i had never missed an episode live(as in on...
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    The Beauty of the Rain

    Leah! I loved it! I agree how can anyone put words, especially small words to ideas, longings, etc. My one friend wrote a blog about that recently, it was very good and interesting. Yay for new fanfic! And IM me, being that i'm hardly ever on and i'll never get the pm. ;)
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    Spoiler casting news

    As soon as I found this out, I went back to Alias with renewed energy and anticipation. I honestly think that just knowing this information has made these recent episodes more compelling and original than they have been! and Gogo! :lol: Love the reference! Perfectly used!
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    Alias Quote Conversations

    You guys are acting like you're on drugs.
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    this or that

    Christian Slater because I enjoyed that plotline much more. Plus that was when parallels made between others and jack and irina were uncommon and not as obvious! Continuing with gues spots: Tarantino in The Box or Christian Slater?
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    The Person Above You Game

    has a very cool animated av! :)
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    Politics Christianity

    Okay, thanks for clarifying that! you may want to add that with that post then! ;) Thank you that really helped me understand that, i never really knew that!
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    Politics Christianity

    Yes, I believe in all of that except the we believe in the catholic church, as some of us arent catholic! ;) maybe something about we believe in the instiution of the church...possibly. :blink:
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    Politics Christianity

    Alliance, I agree and thanks for letting us know. i didnt know that either. But i know what you mean about all the bickering between demoninations. Many people, even some of my closest friends get caught up in the little differences in worship, service, and the details that differentiate the...
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    Politics Christianity

    Welcome Southern Bell! :wave: I'm Vicki and I am glad you decided to stop on by! Do you have a nickname or any random name you would like to be called? Gigi! Of course i will pray for him! That is an amazing oppurtunity! I have known a couple of people who have gone over there for mission trips...
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    Great Plays and Musicals

    i agree! Avenue Q is brillant but yes it is new and yes unique and yes witty and just pure comic gem, however i still can not see how it beat Wicked with its amazing chord structure, sets, lyrics, not to mention the two best leads anyone could possibly imagine together on the same stage! But i...
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    Anyone still on the board that was in 2003?

    TC!!!! :nostalgic sigh: -_- :sniff sniff: I miss it so!
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    Wicked - Awesome Broadway Show!

    YAY! Finally more Wicked fans! I haven't been online in forever! So of course had to visit the performing arts section, my home! :) Yes Marlene you were slow! Sorry but the truth! At least you realize it! Too bad you didnt find out sooner, ie in the summer! Although Idina was amazing as...
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    Politics Christianity

    I know I just posted a long post about this topic but I just saw this post and felt compelled to respond. No one knows for sure, only God. From my understanding, it depends. like someone else stated, homosexuality is a sin, no greater than another other sin, say lying. If you ask for...
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    Politics Christianity

    For the record(wow i feel like a star being interviewed! ^_^ ), I believe that even that marriage is wrong. Marriage is scared, and everything that is going on in society at the moment pertaining towards same-sex marriage and the heightened exposure of divorce and the looseness towards it, is...
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    Season 4 Whose Accent Was The Best?

    I know what you mean about Vaughns! I agree completly, BUT ^_^ it was very nice to listen to although it wasnt the greatest! :blush: :P
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    Season 4 Rate: The Awful Truth

    I think what made S3 appear so bad, is that we had just been given amazing two seasons that left us in awe and hooked us from the beginning to being handed S3 which lurked more into Soap domain than smart spy fantasy drama. Missions, disguises, tensions, and character were lacking for most part...
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    Season 4 Whose Accent Was The Best?

    I voted Vaughn's! It was very wonderful to listen to! :) But Syd's was hilarous and i love when she plays those rich snobs. ie Victoria King and B. Cunelli! (if you havent noticed from the sig to the name! :mellow:)
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    Season 4 Rate: The Awful Truth

    Great eppy, not the best, but such an improvement since S3! And Vaughn's accent.....:faints:! Loved the disguises, loved the plots, still not a fan of forcing everything back into play, but everything seems to be looking up and in a wonderful new direction! Too bad they are killing all these...
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    Alias Wallpapers

    HEY! :D How are you?! I know, I was having boarding withdrawl, so here I am! ^_^ Oh and since you can not see my wp(we cant have that!) here is a link So Sophisticated
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