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    Now, I wrote this because of a real life situation and I just felt in the mood so it's only one chapter, it was never intended to be more than that, so here we go. Sorrow Sorrow flowed through her body; it tingled in her skin, as she sat the end of her bed. It stung at her heart, again and...
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    Merry Christmas!

    I just thought I'd start a topic cos I didn't see one before, so that everyone could say Merry Christmas id they wanted to so .... Merry Christmas to all of you here at AllAlias I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and get everything you wanted this christmas! Santa's gonna be coming down...
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    Learning to Drive

    I thought as there must be some of us that are going to learn to drive soon we could all help each other by learning the highway code and the theory stuff for the exam! I can't wait to be able to drive :reallyexcited:
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    Happy Birthday Sam (Blackhairedsam)

    I just wanted to say Happy 20th Birthday before I leave for france and yes Sam I know it's 5:00 am but oh well .... <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Happy Birthday</span> :hug: :gift: :cake: :birthday: I hope you enjoy your day more than mine, lol! And get lots of pressies as...
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    Project S.A.B France

    Okies, so I thought I'd make a new topic for my holiday to France, so I have! I leave tommorow morning for la France, and I'll be gone for 3 weeks! I just wanted to tell you guys this! And the people who miss me (if there are such people) can concregate here and discuss what I'll be doing, erm...
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    Did you buy the new harry potter book today?

    I thought it'd be interesting to see how many of our little community got up early and bought the book, my mum went and got me a copy this morning at 8 am from woolies (woolworths)! :D
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    Beginning To Breathe Again

    Title: Beginning to Breathe Again Author: Moi (Sabella) Ship: Syd/Vaughn Summary: Takes place in Season 3 - Unveiled, in the club. Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, JJ does and I wouldn't have it any other way cos he knows what he's doing with them better than I do A/N: Ok so this...
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    Happy Birthday vaughnlover15 (Jen)

    <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>Happy 16th Birthday</span> :birthday: :cake: :gift: I hope you're enjoying your special day, I hope you get everything you wanted! Happy birthday sweetie :hug: Sabella xxx
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    Project S.A.B Paris

    I just wanted to say Au Revoir to you guys although I will be back shortly, I miss all of you guys loads :group: But I think I come back next friday, I really don't know! I leave on Monday! So you wanna say goodbye, you can here or just PM me! Ooh I also wanted to tell you that Cinders has also...
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    What we mean when we say ...

    Ok so I thought this would be a good idea to help guys out with understanding us, because I dunno if it's just me but they really don't understand us! Ok so - "I wanted to have some alone time" - means that we are upset but we wanted you to come over and comfort us without us asking you, if...
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    Photoshop tryout installing problem

    I downloaded the tryout of the new CS2 photoshop because it looks amazing and then when I came to install it, you get two options to install it fully but you need a user name and serial number and the other option is the free 30 day tryout. I've tried to select the tryout option but it won't...
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    The Truth Changes Everything

    <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>A/N - Ok so this is the first non-alias fic I've posted here, so yeah I'm a little nervous, in fact massively nervous, because I don't know that it's that good :nervous: :blush2: So please read and review and tell me your honest opinion cos if it's...
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    Guess the episode from the song

    Right I couldn't see this game and I know this maybe difficult but I think it should be fun! :D Right I will show you what I mean as an example - Me - Good Day by Luce now the person whom replies has to guess what episode the song was played in, so in this case - Endgame, Season 2 Ok...
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    We have butts

    Ok this topic is for everyone, who has a butt, unlike the lucky people in the "we have no butt" thread, ok so here's the list: <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>We have butts and we're proud</span> 1# - Sabella (me) 2# - Peanutbutter (Peanut) 3# - Kakan 4# - BlackhairedSam (Sam) 5#...
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    Mad about Ben Mckenzie

    Ok so I thought as my best mate had made the Adam Brody addicts, I should make Mad about Ben, because quite honestly Ben is more adorable than Seth and I wanna find others who prefer Ben to Seth! So if you do then come here and ask me for a number and you shall receive one! Remember this is a...
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    Happy Birthday Steph

    <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>Happy 16th Birthday Steph </span> :birthday: :gift: :balloons: :hug: I hope you get everything you want today, milk it as much as you can, Remember today is your day! Lol, don't let anyone or anything ruin it! :innocent: I'm gonna make you a card...
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    2005 Alias Magazine Awards

    Now I thought it'd be great to tell you guys if you didn't already know that this going on, cos lets face it most of us on the site are Alias obsessed and we're proud of it, so here are the categories (below) and you just email your nominations to, mark your subject header...
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    Sweet Surrender

    A/N - Ok so this is my first short at a AU, so I hope you guys like this! I am writing the next chapter of this write now and so far I've got 6 handwritten pages, so it could be a long one, anyway please tell me what you think of it, and whether to carry it on :D Enjoy! ^_^ Sabella xxx <span...
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    What does your name mean?

    Mine means Princess, I think, what does yours?
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    Hate something Change something

    Has anyone seen this advert? I think it's great! :D "Can hate be good? Can hate be great? Can hate be good? Can hate be great? Can hate be something we don't hate?!" *whistles* Ok so anyone who hasn't seen this now thinks I'm nuts, lol :laughing: Here's a link to watch it -...
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