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    Season 5 what did they say?

    the tape messed up so i didn't catch what the doctor said after syd said that she's alone. same thing happened in the 2nd last scene or something when weiss and syd hugged. could someone please post hte dialogues? cause i'd really like to know what they said. thanks a lot. :)
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    Under the mountain ash

    ok. so. i'm nervous. i haven't shown this to anyone. it's just something i wrote a couple of days unless i chicken out in the next 30 seconds, i'm gonna post it here. please tell me what you think, because i really don't know what i think of it myself. :unsure: it's quite different...
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    now, this is the first story i post here, so don't expect too much. notice that this is a translated text, i had to translate it from swedish to english, so there might be words, verbs and expressions that are wrong or don't fit, but i tried my best. :) Elin Hanna sat in the sand. She sat in...
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    Animation The Lion King!

    anyone else here who loves the lion king? i think it's the best animation ever! the story, the music, [I]everything[I] is just so good! i always cry when i watch it, first in the beginning when all the animals bow for simba, and then in the middle when mufasa dies and then at the end when...
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    carter vs luka

    just wanted to know what you guys think! i prefer carter. ^_^ now, i live in finland, so maybe in the US or somewhere else they're alreday airing seasons without these charachters, but at least this is the big debate here right now. -_-
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    Angelina Jolie

    i'm a huge fan myself. i've never seen anyone act as well as she does (oh well jennifer garner and lena olin are as good as she is), and i admire her a lot! so now i'm wondering, if there's any other fans here on AA? i did a project-thing about her in english class, and it was so fun! so now...
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    hey everyone!=)

    hey everyone!!! :D i'm quite new here, my name is emma and i'm called pii...i'm a total aliasaholic :reallyexcited:, an irinaholic, and a vaughnaholic. i love talking to people both about alias (=D=D=D)and other stuff too! so feel free to mail/PM me! i hope to get to know you guys soon...
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