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    does anyone remember me?

    well i have been away for a long time months that is, i have been at basic training and now i am at ait so i was wondering if i was remembered lol
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    Comedy Super Troopers (2001) & Super Troopers 2 (2018)

    well this has got to be one of the funniest movies ever, i love it what do you guys think of it?
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    Family Guy

    this show is god, but they cancelled it. Ican not wait for the season to come out on DVD, soon what do you think of the show
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    well this new band, is quite good and the whole cd was worth buying, who has heard of them? i would like to know if anyone knows where they are from
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    my fav. band, i love their music what do you think of them?
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    Action Balistic

    I actually like this movie, what do you guys think
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    a question about season 2

    are there only 13 eps in season 2? cause looking through th site I noticed in Season 1 there were like 22 eps and on season 2 i can only find about 13, a little help please
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    Devil May Cry 1 and 2

    well the first one was a hit and the second one will be coming out in January and I have seen the trailer for it and can not wait for it, have any of you played the first one? what do you think?
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    Scrubs [title clarified]

    I love this show, it is so funny who has seen it?
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    what do you think

    I have seen a few eps of this series and I think that it is pretty good, with a new style of uncovering the information, what is you opinion?
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    Mutant X

    who has seen it? I think it is a pretty good show what do you think?
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    which is the best

    original or miami I think that the original is the best, still one of my fav shows on tv what do you guys think of the show
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    this game is reletivly new to the gaming world, but I just finally rented it and I love it although it is only as long as AUF it still is an awsome game who has played it?
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    Alias Online Adventure Help

    I started playing the online adventure from and I have run into a little snag during my investigation, I am on the mission on and need to find out how he is comunicating with his contact if any one has already done this, help please thanks
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