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    Change Your Mind

    what an adorable story, janet. i really really loved it. this fic makes me want to come to AA more often. good job!! i really loved it!
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    Love is a Four Letter Word

    that was absolutely adorable. i loved it. i haven't been to AA in such a looong time due to the "hecticness" that is my life but i'm soo glad i came on today and read just made me feel happy inside. good job, katy! kaitee
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    Fools in Love

    hmmmm...very interesting. i really really like this fic and can't wait to read more!
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    Fools in Love

    i really really like this so far. thanks sooooo much for the pm xoxo-kait
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    What About Me?

    alright sooo whoa..i am way behind on reading all of these fics. I have been insanely busy with school and a traveling and other stuff. so i definitely want to apologize for my lack of reviews. but i definitely want to let you know that i am most certainly reading and enjoying all of your "new"...
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    JG compatibility test

    this is hilarious. here my jg results. physical:96% emotional:22% intellectual:84% total:68% ...hmmm. and now for mv. physical:91% emotional:33% intellectual:58% total:61% hmm..not bad at all. hey, mv if you ever need someone; i am totally available ;) that was fun!
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    The Plan

    i love love love this fic! oh and i must admit shindig is quite the word. :lol: thanks for the pm. xoxoxox-kaitlyn
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    Butterfly Kisses

    awww....that was so sad. :down: But sooo good! I loved it! thanks so much for the pm xoxox-kaitlyn
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    The Things We Hide

    I love this fic..its just so darn intriguing. You girlies are evil though, for making us wait SO long. Hah. That is most certainly a of the more blatant clues actually. Then again, who knows what you guys can come up with?!?! :lol: Thanks so much for the pm! -kaitlyn :ph34r:
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    The Plan

    First!, it feels nice to say that because unfortunately its been a while since I was remotely first. Fantastic update other than.... NOOOOOOOOOO......! Okay, so after that over-reaction. :lol: I know that this fic is going to eventually be Syd/Vaughn but I don't know..Danny just makes...
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    The Plan

    apparently you were caught being online. ;) but awww...what an adorable chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next! Awww...I love when he's called Vaughn! :D Thanks for the pm! xoxox-kaitlyn
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    The Plan

    Yay! I really like it so far. :D Oh, and as soon as I get some time I'm gonna catch up on all of the FW posts I have missed and I will write a super super long reviews with quote and everything! I just want to read it in all one constant time period and I just haven't found the time lately...
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    Although I've never had hard-core acne or anything I have found that Proactiv works amazingly! Trust me...its definitely worth the investment!
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    The Weekend

    Awwwww...its all just so *sigh* wonderful! I really do love this fic and that chapter was absolutely adorable! Bloane and Haughn...hahahaha :lol: Thanks so very much for the pm! -kaitlyn
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    The Weekend

    Oh Janet...this is just flat out adorable! I can't wait to read more! And as I'm reading this I'm listening to the song " We Belong Together" by Gavin Degraw and it just fits the whole situation perfectly! Ah...glorious! I was wondering if I could get a pm?!?! Thanks in advance! I really am...
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    With This Ring...

    Does it make me pathetic that every time I read anything remotely dealing with the opening scene of Season 3, I start sobbing uncontrolably??!? But you fixed it Janet!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the pm. It was beautiful! -kaitlyn
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    Blue Like September Mornings

    Alrighty, well I've obviously been really behind in reading my pm's with school hecticness and stuff. But this fic is amazing! I mean I read one of your fics and they just always end up making me feel good despite the sometimes suckiness of my day. Your fics are always my favorites and you never...
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    Christmas Coincidence

    such an adorable fic thanks for the pm. -kaitlyn
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    Transcending Paths

    I'm glad you lost that bet. :lol: was so great! I think I've been inspired to go watch some old Season 2 Alias episodes. Thanks for the pm! -kait wow...i just realized how late i was to review. haha. i need to read my pm's more often.
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    Silver cute! thanks for the pm. -kait :)
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