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    The Shins

    Anyone else love the Shins?? They are such a great alt rock band who orignated in New Mexico. I now have both their cd's (Oh, Inverted World and Chutes too Narrow) both of which I'am completely obsessed with :lol:. I just got into them recently so I was wondering if there were any older fans...
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    Season finale s4 . . . s5

    I missed the middle of this season but did catch up for the last 5 or so episodes and tonights finale. Anyone else watch it? !!!!Spoilers!!!!....don't read if you don't want to know what happened (Season 4 finale)!! Pretty awesome episode I thought. I liked the timer they had that...
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    Computer problems

    EDIT: Ah, I fixed it thanks to Norton AntiVirus troubleshooting :lol: . Fine to close this topic, sorry :blush: !!
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    "Sin City" Contest

    EDIT: ................. I think it was an April Fools Joke sine they are scheduled to come tomorrow. Oooooo, boy do I feel "punk'd" :lol: :lol: . Nevermind me :P .
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    Hilary Swank

    I didnt see a topic for her so I thought I'd make one. I've seen M$B twice now and still thinks her best actress nod was well deserved. This is the first movie I've actually seen her in but I'm looking into some of her other movies too (like "Boys Don't Cry" that got her another best actress...
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    Medical Investigation

    Does anyone watch this on Friday nights? It's a really cool medical drama in my opinion. It's sort of like a cross between CSI and ER that has a bunch of medical investigators (obviously :lol: ) trying to solve mysteries that have to do with certain viruses and illnesses in the world. Definetly...
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    Tonights E.R.

    Did anyone watch the episode tonight with Ray Liota? The episode was getting hyped a lot and was wondering what you all thought of it. I thought it was an extremely good episode (Definetly one of my favs). I also heard he is getting a nomination for his performance :up: .
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    "Scrubs" dvd set?

    Anyone know if there are plans to have a dvd set of "Scrubs"? It seems every other show gets one and I think it's time to put out a "Scrubs" one! Its been around for 4 seasons and meanwhile "The Apprentice" already has one and it hasn't even done 2 :lol:.
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    The Apprentice

    A new season of The Apprentice begins tonight :D !! I can't wait to see all the new contestants ( And The Donald of course :lol: )...Who else is going ot tune in for it??
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    Season 4 Season 4 question

    Well I've heard, that unlike Seasons 1, 2, and 3 that basically followed one main "story" (Taking out SD-6 in S1/S2, Taking out Sloane in S2, and finding out what happened to Syd in S3) Season 4 will have a different "mission" every week with a new plot. Is this true?? I'd have to say it would...
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    Metal Gear Solid 2

    I was just wondering if anyone understood the story at the end? I've played it through once but can't quite understand the story :P :lol: . Does anyone know of a website that has a story synopsis or could give me a quick recap about it? Thank ya!
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    System requirements

    This could also be a computer game question but I was wondering if there's a program in your comp that shows specifically if you have the system requirements needed to play certain games (you know, the stuff on the bottom of the box... :lol: ). Any help would be much appreciated!
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    What are your summer plans?

    It is a bit far away but every day it gets closer!! What are some of you guys planning to do/go the summer of '04 :cool: ?
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    Dance Dance Revolution?

    Anyone ever play DDR? Wow, that game is a blast to play :lol: . If so, are you any good at it? I'm ok at it but those fast songs kill me :blink: :lol: .
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    The Perfect Score

    I just saw it today...I had low hopes for it (being an Mtv movie and all :P :lol: ). It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but not the best...All in all not too bad. I love Roy :lol: .
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    Tongihts eppy

    Pretty good eppy but what happened to his dad :unsure: ??!! That didnt make much sense to me...Anywho next weeks eppy looks kinda funny :lol: with Pete going all "Fast and Furious" :lol: :rolleyes: . And Adam does something naughty it looks like :unsure: :lol: .
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    Seeking opinions

    Ok, so theres this girl in my class who's really cute and was wondering if I should mabye ask her out :unsure: ? We go to a private school so we know eachother but I'm not sure if I should or not...We're both 14 so what would you all think I sholud do :lol: :unsure: ?
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    My school team won our invitational tourney today! Undefeated in regular season plus this tourney!! I'm very happy :D :D :D!!!
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    Vaughn and Sydney?

    I just watched "Free Agent" from season 2 and was thinking...Vaughn doesn't really love love Sydney. It seemed in that episode anyways that all he wanted was to get laid. Not even eat the nice dinner she prepared :lol:. I dunno...Vaughn just seems sort of a jerk to me -_- .
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    Ever feel like...

    Thats how i feel now :unsure: :blink: :P :lol: .
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