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    Little Women

    So if you havent heard by now, which i dont know how to be honest, but that may just be because im a huge sutton fan. But in Oct. Little Women with sutton foster as Jo March will be previewing in North Carolina at Duke then making a Broadway premiere(well previews but its going to be there) in...
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    Time Blossom

    Title: Original Blossom Rating: This fic has not been rated yet! Summary: Read the Intro. Time Blossom Prologue: Remembering “Please forgive me, for I do not know exactly where you want me to start.” Standing in the middle of a small office crammed with pictures and potted trees; a woman...
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    The Past I Have Traced

    I’m just another person who has no face Regardless of the past I have traced Describe the pain but erase the tears I want to be on the outside looking in I don’t understand what happened Tell me again Let it happen one more time Just for me Let me see exactly what went wrong The sun will...
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    Season 3 Guardian Angels

    This was just something random that i picked up on(and made a wp on :P ) it might just be coincidence or not but: did anyone else notice how in julia's apartment the angel was almost watching over her at night, her guardian angel, which sydney would have been missing over those two years. so in...
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    Season 3 Similarities?!

    i noticed many many similarities between this eppy(by the way AMAZING!) to the series opener, "truth be told". ~ her life is flipped upside down ~she has to seperate...go rogue ...from her current place of operations to find leverage ~she loses the love of her life...:(..(but didnt you love...
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    Ruins by the Roadside

    ~Non-Fiction Challenge Entry~ Title: Ruins by the Roadside Author: Vicki :blondewig: Rating: PG-13(for the subject plot line, nothing terrible! I think it's suitable for all ages! Just to be safe though, I put the thirteen stamp on it............) Summary: The past haunts us all. A single...
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    Random #13

    Let the Random Confusion Pandemonium CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) Link to the last thread of Randomness Fun............ Random #12 Link
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    okay this is just alittle rant about being oblivious and not paying attention basically! also to see if there are any others who do the same as me! ;) i will go to a thread and think im on the last page or last post(take it for granted of course and not look!) then post then leave...and then...
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    Favorite Websites

    list your favorite websites other than AA(becuase AA is my favorite website..and i think most of yours too... ;) )where do you go often? or is just interesting? alias media(gertie is the best at getting video clips!) deviantArt-- great for art and brushes for photoshop
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    Favorite Harry Potter Book

    I was just wondering which was you guys liked best!! In reply, it would be cool if you could list them from the one you voted for to your least favorite( even though they were all great....some are better than others!) ;) #2 and #3 are tied for favorite in my opinion! but fifth year is pulling...
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    Random Wallpapers

    if i shouldnt have made this thread admins, im sorry! but i didnt know where to put this so here it is, if this is wrong i wont be offended! ;) this place is for any wallpapers/art/anything that has nothing to do with tv/movies/people, these things just are made!thanks! i made this from a...
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    there is a angst thread, a rant thread, an etc thread! i started this than it got moved to random and now random is bye bye bye(wow i just said that!hehe! ;) nsync is wonderful! :lol: ) so now here we go again!! starting threads is wonderful and so is talking to ppl on aa and eating ice...
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    okay i have no idea for a title of this, i hope to continue writing this and any suggestions on the name of it would be greatly appreciated! HOPE YA LIKE! thanks again for reading and be kind, REVIEW! ;) Hello. I haven’t talked in years. So naturally the first word I have decided to choose...
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    okay i just made this up now and am going to post it!lmao! sorry if its absolutely horrible!be kind! i have never written poetry(and i dont even know if you would call this poetry..its like free verse! ^_^ ) A soft reassuring drizzle descends upon the world, giving everything the quiet illusion...
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    if you cant tell by how many of these threads i have started i am into everything involving performing arts including singing! i am in my high school's show choir and other choir groups! i love to sing, honors choirs and workshops everything! classical or Broadway, folk everything except...
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    Theatrical Acting

    Does anybody else act in community theatre or high school plays? what did you perform in? i have been in many small community programs and plays and such. i was in the King and I(the small princess who runs out late when meeting anna and the one who reads the speech to anna! :D ) i was Brigitta...
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    Great Plays and Musicals

    I have seen: les miserables Hairspray Throughly Modern Millie(my favorite!!!!!) Ragtime 42nd Street Aida Contact Chicago Miss Saigon Damn Yankees Phantom of the Opera BEauty and the Beast (most on Broadway some in regional theatres!) i would like to see: Urinetown I love you, your perfect now...
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    did anyone watch the tonys? or was i the only one? :unsure: i was upset that Marissa Winkour won over Bernadette Peters. I love Bernadette Peters, she is extremely talented and if you watched the whole of the awards you saw her perform rose's turn from Gypsy! and she was outstanding, acting and...
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    My Watcher, Keep Me Safe

    This is seperate from the going ons of alias right now and also seperate from any of the other alias seasons, except that it has alias characters(of course!) ENJOY! and please please review! hope you like! :D again review, you make my day if you do, whether its good or bad, i like to know that...
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    Okay i know many are writing fics about the lost two years and the season finale, so here i am doing the same with my own twist on things! this fic will be told in many different points of view! the first one is in Vaughn's point of view! ENJOY AND PLEASE BE KIND< REVIEW!thanks! and please check...
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