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    No Jen Season 6?!?

    I just saw on that there are rumors Jen Garner will not be returning to Alias Season 6. There are some spoilers that you have probably already heard in the attached article. But I don't like it one bit :angry: Jen Season 6 Rumor
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    What Got Stuck?

    What song will not get out of your head? Is it driving you crazy? Or do you enjoy it? Any tips on getting rid of that pesky song?
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    Inspiring Movies

    What are some of the movies that inspired you to be better, to do more, to be more understanding, and changed the way you think or act. That, or just left a lasting impression on you?
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    This can be for when things acutally go your way. :)
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    Gone for Awhile

    If you are going somewhere, or you have been gone, or you are getting back post here.
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    Spiderman 2 Soundtrack

    Ok I went and got the Spiderman 2 is AMAZING:jawdrop: It has music by Ataris, Dashboard Confessional, lost prophets, Maroon 5, Yellowcard, and Train, among other great artists. I HIGHLY recommend this CD.
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    I hate country. I am pretty open to just about all music, even classical, but when it comes to country, I can't stand it. And it isn't as if I never hear it, my friends love it and for some reason the teachers like to listen to it during class, so I know it but I HATE IT! Does anyone else...
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    Since it is summer for a lot of members at AA I thought it would be fun to institute a summer reading competition to see who can read the most pages during summer break. If you are interested please say so. I can make up the rules and the final deadline. We can see who reads the most while it...
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    There are a lot of remakes out there. Do you like them or hate them? What are some of your favorite movies that have been remade, or were orignals that turned out better, or even remakes that went bad?
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    Sequel, Trilogy, Prequel

    There are so many Sequeal and Prequels, and even trilogies out right now. What are you favorite ones? What is your opinion about having series, especially right now, since that is what Hollywood seems to be distributing?
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    Enders Series

    This is one of the best series I have ever read. I'd love to talk about it with anyone else who has read them!!!
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    Season 3 Top Reasons Lauren is Bad News

    1- Lauren is with Vaughn 2- Lauren gets Top Secret CIA information 3- Lauren gets Top Secret NSC information 4- She briefs the president of the United States 5- She doesn't like Sydney 6- She is with the Covenant 7- Her dad is a Senator (possible he is tied with the Covenant as well?) 8- She...
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    Season 3 What is Sloane up to?

    OK what in the world is Sloane planning; what kind of pressure do you think he is putting on Irina? What do you think he's up to?
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    If you could go anywhere in the US....

    OK, say someone came up to you and said that you could go anywhere in the US for 10 days, either a state, or multiple states in the same area where would you go and why?
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    Season 3 When will Lauren be Exposed?

    Well there have been a few double crosses in Alias, ok a lot. Syd->SD-6 Haladki-> CIA Irina->CIA Sark->who knows who his loyalties truly lie with besides himself Irina-> Jack Allison-> Will, Sydney, etc. Lauren-> Vaughn looking at these and I know there are tons more, just wondering when you...
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    Temporarily Depressed

    Everyone gets depressed once in a while so talk about what has you feeling blue here.
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    Return of the King Quotes

    I have a million but post your favorite quotes from ROTK here!!! "I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fail... when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. This day, we fight!"-Aragorn...
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    Spider Man 2

    Well not another Goblin, but the Octupus! I was suprised, anyways talk about the Spiderman sequel here!
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    King Arthur

    OK I was over at Yahoo Movies and saw a blrub for an upcoming movie called King Arthur staring Clive Owen and Keira Knightley. Here is a description for it.... Drama and Action/Adventure As the Roman Empire crumbles (circa 450 A.D.), the British Isles are thrown into a loose anarchy as errant...
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    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    ok there are a million threads entitled Harry Potter 3, some dealing with the trailer, some talking about Richard Harris's replacement, I'm just making this to have a designated area for discussion, it drives me crazy when the same titles of threads are all over so................. Harry...
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