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    Last CD you bought?

    oasis - standing on the shoulder of giants :) awsome!, now i have all thier cd's, goood stuff goood stuff
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    Alias game poll

    halo 2, i know it will be good :) Alias game realy sucked, big let down for me. Graphics where bad, the lip synching was horrible. and it was just darn too easy? they spoon fed all the information, plus they could of done a lot better on the fighting as well.
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    without a doubt x-box kicks any gaming councel out there :)
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    Favorite Buffy Finale

    tough decision between season 2 and season 3, both were amazing and so sad. But in the end i would have to go with season 2 :)
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    Last CD you bought?

    The cult - pure cult :) awsome!
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    Zero 7

    love zero 7! awsome stuff :) Canada here lol, don't hear much of them over here but somehow i know of em lol, forget where i first heard em.
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    Anticipated Games....

    the games i most most most want would be Fable and Halo 2 right now :) goin to be amazing!! :D
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    Last CD you bought?

    awsome i just bought that a few weeks ago too! they're great :D
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    Your Desktop

    awsome halo wp arash :) blood is good :P
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    XBox Xbox Live

    awsome :) definatly checkin that out. i usually go to <- best site, u've prolly been there right? they've always got the new previews :D ya all the games seem to be pushing back which sucks.
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    XBox Xbox Live

    man the game i'm lookin forword to is fable, ya i talked about it b4, but i think it will be the best game this year. right along side with halo 2 :) sadly there is no live, i think it would be quite difficult to do a live one of that.
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    Random 231

    lol yes very strangly he does. all he needs is a shorter hair cut :P
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    thread already here :)
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    XBox Xbox Live

    ya, its pretty old but still so fun. second game i got i remember. I like the game but i realy suck at it lol
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    Random 231

    bye jess :) good luck! :)
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    XBox Xbox Live

    ahh, mechassult is great, the new one is goin to be soo much better, i heard it blew away the ppl at the x-box conference this year. i rented rainbow six, good stuff, multiplayer was awsome reminded me so much of CS, endless killage :P
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    stereophonics - traffic
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    Random 231

    this is very interesting i say :P
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    XBox Xbox Live

    well i rent alot, but i do have a few :) mech assult, halo, project gotham, nba espn 2004, morrowwind, pretty i sure i have a few more around, dont' remember the rest lol, what u got?
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    Random 231

    yep as do i, if its long, but sometimes u just forget, and thats when it says ERROR lol
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