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    What sort of DVD player do you have?

    Ohh! sounds cool. Yes, my main concern is the laptop. I've heard tell of more recent models coming with the option of a BluRay capability, but it's still new on the market. That's why I continue to buy regular DVDs. And of course an HD tv can do a lot even if you don't go Blu.
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    What celebrity is the funniest to you?

    I'm inclined to go wiht Andy Samberg these days... haha
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    Gwen Stefani

    Are you serious? That's incredible!
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    What do you think of 'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson?

    Poor guy. He has nowhere to hide.
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    Whats your internet addiction?

    Oh man. Facebook. Too many hours a day haha
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    What sort of DVD player do you have?

    It is! I only wish my laptop could play BluRay discs. I have House of Flying Daggers, the Departed, Superman Returns, and a few random others. Mostly I play regular DVDs in it but it's pretty freakin awesome.
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    Old is Sexy?

    And of course I don't mean to insult Viggo by naming him in this thread, but as he is not of my generation and has some sexy lines on his face, I'll put him forward for consideration!
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    Old is Sexy?

    Ahhhh, Viggo Mortensen...
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    Gwen Stefani

    She is an amazing woman! I recently saw her perform (with No Doubt, of COURSE) and was amazed by how she has kept her stellar voice and crazy abs. Amazed.
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    What do you think of 'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson?

    Oh, agreed. I mean, I endorse his Twilight performance, but I don't know if he'll ever shake it off. I don't think he knew that when he first signed up for the part, but he probably does by now... My guess (based on his side projects so far) is he'll basically do little indie projects until he...
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    What sort of DVD player do you have?

    I have a Bluuuuuray! It's pretty sweet.
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    What do you think of 'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson?

    I appreciate him. haha I think he looks right for the part. His face, his HAIR, you know... And he does a decent job playing Edward.
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    Daniel Radcliffe

    Oh man. I had such an obsession when I started this... I think he was cuter back then! haha Still, he has definitely blossomed as an actor. The last 2 HP movies stand as testament to this fact! And his stage production of Equus was apparently very impressive.
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    Heath Ledger

    Indeed! I feel that we will never know just how amazing he was. He was only warming up to some of hte greatest years of his career. Truly sad.
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    *~Mark Wahlberg~*

    He has such a weird history!
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    Which Celebrity do you WISH you looked like.

    I have always loved Liv Tyler's look. If I couldn't have that, I'd go for Eva Green's. haha
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    What celebrity annoys you the most?

    Miley Cyrus definitely makes my list. And ugh the JoBros.
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    Rachel does G.I. Joe!

    The movie looks eh, but I guess I have to see it now (and since Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it).
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    Cam Gigandet

    Haha If I maintained an IMDB account, I would. In his defense, in every interview/etc. that I have seen, he has been a curteous guy, very polite. An entertaining dude.
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    What celebrity annoys you the most?

    Well, to me Megan Fox is hte epitome of all that is ugly about Hollywood. You know, objectification of women, over-sexed-ness of everything, few morals, and no shame. And it kills me that she's every guy's fantasy these days. No class. At all. I just wish she would disappear.
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