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  1. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Xkcd On The Fermi Paradox

    XKCD posted this today and it's an amazing and terrifying thought.
  2. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi The Fantastic Adventures Of Captain Langley

    Hi Guys, I've just launched my retro sci-fi webcomic, The Fantastic Adventures of Captain Langley. It follows the adventures of the brave space captain Milara Langley. Featuring alien worlds and daring adventures, it's an exciting romp through the distant future. I'd love to get you guys...
  3. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Jupiter Ascending

    A new trailer for Jupiter Ascending is out: I'm quite excited by the Epic Space Opera stuff that's coming out this year. Between this and Guardians of the Galaxy, we look to be having a pretty good year. I'm not thrilled by the casting of the two main characters here, I don't like Channing...
  4. Jetshroom

    700 Free Comics from Marvel

    After their disastrous promo earlier this year (which coincidentally coincided with the release of Sim City) Marvel and Comixology are trying again. Register here to receive an email when you're eligible to begin downloading. You'll have 48 hours from email notification. So what happened...
  5. Jetshroom

    ETI Power

    Thought this was an interesting concept on ETI civilizations.
  6. Jetshroom


    Hello, I'm a sci-fi fantasy fan looking for somewhere to chill. This should be fun. Jetshroom.
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