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    Horror The Vampire Diaries

    As a chick, I'm definitely a fan. Boone ("Damon") is easily my favorite character. Yes, he's brooding and scheming a lot, but it works well. AND keeps the show interesting.
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    LOST Season 6, Ep 14 - "The Candidate" - May 4, 2010

    I thought this episode was heartbreaking! After all, when was the last time somebody lovable and long-standing died? My favorite couple... Sigh. I wonder if this means other people are soon to die... Maybe the last survivor will be the winner? The ultimate candidate?
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    What are you watching right now?

    The Colbert Report! Great stuff. Love keeping a couple episodes on the Tivo.
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    Horror True Blood

    I have decided that Eric is by FAR my favorite character. I worry that Jason will get himself killed in hte last two episodes!
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    What TV shows would you not allow your kids to watch?

    Good for you... I maintain that kids the age of 7 don't need to watch sex scenes. There's no point in that. While I am fairly open minded about this kind of thing, I do think that there is such a thing as "age-appropriate."
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    Which Law & Order do you think is the best?

    I tend to go for the Original myself. :smile:
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    Lost on Onion News!

    I know. Gotta love Onion News. They have the perfect tone for those articles...
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    Anyone see the new movie yet?

    Well, I confess I'd seen almost none of Star Trek before the movie, but I really enjoyed JJ's version! It did away with the entire old plot as I understand it, so we basically have a fresh start with the same beloved characters. I felt the plot was interesting and I liked the cast a lot!
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    What TV shows would you not allow your kids to watch?

    As a child, I was perfectly content to watch Cartoon Network all the time. And Disney channel. etc. That seems to be enough until around the age of 12, at which point I think kids can ease into any of hte more mainstream shows targeted to a wide audience, whcih contain "PG-13 stuff" and all, but...
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    Clarissa Explains it All

    This was one of my favorite shows, way back when. Awesome characters. Awesome outfits... Good times. And I miss her brother Ferguson! Fun stuff. Wow. I just googled all the actors and looks like only Melissa Joan Hart managed to have a career...
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    Lost on Onion News! "Smoke Monster From 'Lost' Given Own Primetime Spin-Off Series"
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    Sports Coverage

    Anybody else have a favorite network? The only sport I really make an effort to follow is cycling, so I watch on Versus in HD! Tomorrow is hte LAST STAGE of the tour de France 2009, by the way! And it's been a great tour!
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    Favorite Song Played

    That last one is by Ivy, correct? I think it was on Veronica Mars, too! haha
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    SNL Video Clips!

    Alas! I will find a youtube version... All I can find are remakes! Wahh
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    Horror True Blood

    Haha sorry! I think this next comment is generic--I'm interested by this unfolding dynamic between a vampire and his/her maker. It's been on the back burner for ages, but now I feel we're beginnign so see what that means and how it plays out!
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    "Lost" - Series Finale 2010

    I can't express how GLAD I am that one of my fav shows gets to end on its own schedule! We didn't have that with Alias OR Veronica Mars, and I felt cheated both times. Everything will come full circle for once! Which mystery are you most keen to clear up?
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    Juliet vs. Kate

    How arduous, Tetine... haha
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    Horror True Blood

    Okay so I REALLY don't trust daphne! I think she's in league with maryann. Or maybe Maryann possessed her and transfered Sam's gift to her! That scar can't bode well...
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    What network do you like best?

    I will always love ABC for bringing me Alias, but lately I find myself watching shows from random places (i.e. Weeds). What about you guys?
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    SNL or MadTv

    I personally prefer Dick in a Box, but MotherLover was pretty good, too!
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