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  1. Jetshroom

    Mobile Has Apple ever really invented anything?

    I used to think of Apple as a tech firm, then as a design firm, but I realised a few years ago that what they are is masters of marketing. In a time when people still had their VCRs and Cassette players because they refused to let go of the old technology because of it's 'value' Apple managed...
  2. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Terminator: Genisys

    Honestly, I haven't cared about the Terminator franchise since Terminator 2. 1 and 2 were great films, but they're very much a product of their time. Everything since then I feel has floated on nostalgia and every year that we move further from the original release, the nostalgia becomes more of...
  3. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi The Hunger Games Trilogy

    See, here's the thing for me in the books. First book explains the world a bit and then throws Katniss and Peeta into the Hunger Games. It's in this book that it's established that the games are used to quell revolution. The second book, Katniss is literally being punished for taking on the...
  4. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi The Hunger Games Trilogy

    Have you read the books Kevin? They actually do that in the books. It's awful. I think these films actually sacrifice making a cohesive film for mass audiences, in favor of making fans of the books happy. I didn't actually notice this when I was watching the movie, but I was speaking with people...
  5. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Guardians of the Galaxy

    70s, that's right. Mistyped. But he's not dancing to Blue Suede, he gets pummeled to them.
  6. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Guardians of the Galaxy

    Boy you're not wrong. I think that's GoTG's real strength. It has heart, but 5 minutes in and you're watching Star Lord dancing through alien ruins to cheesy 80s music.
  7. Jetshroom

    Superheroes Marvel's Daredevil (Netflix)

    I always found it strange that DareDevil's costume was so well coordinated. (Since he went to an all red scheme) The guy can't see colours only shapes, so really his costume would be bits of red, gray, blue, black, yellow etc. I want to see DareDevil in a costume that makes people go blind from...
  8. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guys, go see this movie. It's excellent!
  9. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Extant (CBS)

    So I watched Extant last night. In short, I enjoyed it, and will be watching it again next week. In long: It's a fairly generic sci-fi series with a number of, honestly, not particularly inspired key storylines. You have the two that were advertised: 13 month solo mission in space so how did...
  10. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Extant (CBS)

    It starts 9Pm the day after tomorrow.
  11. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Extant (CBS)

    Wow, okay, in all the advertising, I'd never seen that their son was a robot. Here it's all been: "You were alone on the space station for 13 months, you came back pregnant."
  12. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Lucy (2014)

    That's right. For me, if they'd just say "Hey, it's a magic drug we've created that gives you super powers." Then I think I'd be fine with it. But when you're using bogus science when most people know better you've lost me.
  13. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Xkcd On The Fermi Paradox

    XKCD posted this today and it's an amazing and terrifying thought.
  14. Jetshroom

    Superheroes X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014)

    I was so on the fence about being excited for this movie. And, coming out, I was so on the fence about being excited about the movie. I felt like First Class was a much needed breath of fresh air for the franchise. Bringing back the original characters, while a great way to hype the film, gave...
  15. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi John Carter Of Mars (2012)

    The title was originally "A Princess of Mars" but studio execs thought that boys wouldn't go see it if it was perceived as a "Princess" film. Then, it was changed to "John Carter of Mars" Much more manly. Then, Mars Needs Moms BOMBED at the box office. The studio execs' reasoning was "Must be...
  16. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Jupiter Ascending

    I think it has more to do with the competition. At the moment, JA would be competing with X-men, Maleficent, Edge of Tomorrow, Godzilla, Sin City and Guardians of the Galaxy. In 7 months, it'll be competing against all of NOTHING! I suspect they're trying to have a 'stand out' movie in a season...
  17. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi John Carter Of Mars (2012)

    I honestly think the problem isn't anything with the movie itself. Everyone I show it to loves it completely. The problem is, nobody I talk about it with has ever seen it, or heard of it. It was barely advertised at all. I knew about it because of the collection of nerd sites I visit daily, but...
  18. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi Stargate (reboot!)

    I've not watched any of the Stargate movies, but I watched the felgercarb out of Stargate: SG1. I think Stargate is excellently suited to a TV series, but I don't think there's much point in a movie. That said, if it looks good in the trailers, I'll go see it.
  19. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi How Would Aliens And Humans Mate??? Any Ideas?

    URG, pet peeve: 1: Evolution has been proven. It is repeatedly provable. It is a fact. 2: There is no 'Why' or 'Where it is going' to evolution. It is just a natural process. 2a: Related, evolution isn't random at all. Traits that survive long enough to breed are passed down, those that don't...
  20. Jetshroom

    Sci-Fi How Would Aliens And Humans Mate??? Any Ideas?

    From a scientific standpoint there are a lot of barriers to alien/human reproduction. Certainly it should be feasibly possible to engage in sexually gratifying behaviour with another species, male orang-utans often attempt to rape human females, and certainly males tend to be able to poke their...
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