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    Here goes a SURPRISE for you that I highly recommend to download. Its official description: "Every day on the Internet you can meet unsuitable advertisement, spam and viruses, but this file does not belong among these cases. Its content is very unique and although I could praise it, I won't...
  2. VolkodavKO

    Trump & USA Anthem and other jokes

    Almost every idiot in the world knows that for instance the people on these pictures keep their mouth in an askew position because of me: Or that such words were not in the old USA anthem: I also suppose that Donald Trump is not a real president of the USA. What is the point in the...
  3. VolkodavKO

    Find Out That Hellish People Exist

    Only a total idiot believes in everything what he sees in the TV. For example, in my case it is about such a big interest that all the public must have been convinced, that in case of Hellish people I was wrong. But they are the masters of human psychology and know exactly how to convince you...
  4. VolkodavKO

    Visions of the Future

    Now I will describe my old visions of the future. However, before I will start with it, I have to say first that my experiences related to these visions have two main parts: 1. True visions, usually experienced by my soul. 2. Possible imaginations that are many and that sometimes appear in the...
  5. VolkodavKO

    Mysterious Murderer

    Preface: Please forget now all what you have ever seen in the TV, what you have ever been told by the official authorities. In certain things they lie to the whole world. The story: After I have written my first book and started to write other books, I have experienced a strange encounter...
  6. VolkodavKO

    The Way They Rule the World

    Human society is ruled by so-called "Hellish people". It deals with Hellish humanoid souls incarnated into the human bodies that, although being better than evil Hellish demons, are not still fully good, of course. They originate from a place that I call a "lower Hell", which means a less evil...
  7. VolkodavKO

    This Really Happened

    Since 2001 I was under detrimental vibrations opening the Hell in me + the murderer(s), and this is what they did after it: (By the way, my clothes still smelled of the strange vapor even after they had repeatedly been in the washing machine and they were thrown into the dustbin. And...
  8. VolkodavKO

    A Demon with Red Eyes

    I have encountered a demon that has the red centre of his eyes and the color of his skin is close to that of the sand. How did it come to pass? During several years I have seen regularly various demons, since especially during my stay in the bed the Hell used to open in me; the demons were...
  9. VolkodavKO

    Abuse of the Public for Hurting the Innocent

    If you want to do something evil to somebody and to gain the agreement of the whole human society for this, first all the people must have a bad meaning of that guy, which is easy to arrange. The best convincing proof are (own wrong actions of the person in question and) videos, but these must...
  10. VolkodavKO

    Pavel's Wisdom

    My last collection of articles, books and videos. Religion, spirituality, dogs and other. Another step forward... pavel'
  11. VolkodavKO

    Interesting video

    Here is my latest video related to the abuse of visual & audio elements in the entertainment (+ bonus :-): All the PDF files related to "Reversed Meaning" are posted here: Thanks.
  12. VolkodavKO

    My Latest Collection for Download

    What I am trying to post are these two things that I have made myself: 1. Conspiracy Collection for Download (PDF articles, pictures and small videos) 2. Solution to Suffering Please download these files and You...
  13. VolkodavKO

    Human Society Without People Who Suffer

    Guys, here is the solutiuon to suffering. Translation of old texts about a perfect social system & human society where people do not suffer any more: This is what they did not tell us.
  14. VolkodavKO

    Collection of Books for Download

    Guys, Even if the TV and all the other authorities told you not to download my writings, please do not obey them at all. The following collection is little improved and contains several small educational videos: Mega File Upload - Due to my state of...
  15. VolkodavKO

    Several Selves of Hellish People

    Guys, There is some info about the kind that rules us all, but Youtube does not allow such content. Therefore please download the videos from MegaFileUpload: Mega File Upload - Several_Selves_of_Hellish_People.mp4 Mega File Upload - Hellish_Humanoid_Soul.mp4 Thank you.
  16. VolkodavKO

    Hidden Evil

    It is already known, that some scenes in movies (and even some whole movies) were adapted to contain something harmful for the viewer. And even though the negative effect of it can be exceptional and/or minimal only, still the fact remains, that there is a bad intention and an endeavor to mask &...
  17. VolkodavKO

    Unusual books about reincarnation

    There are old books explaining the reincarnation: (Czech language) There are translations of these books: (English language)
  18. VolkodavKO

    Abuse of the viewer

    I would like to ask, if those who manage the entertainment have already admitted that they were abusing it deliberately. Below you can see examples of what I have in mind. I hope that you know the components of subconscious influence on the viewer. This example is from video "Rozsoustany...
  19. VolkodavKO

    Spiritual Books (torrent)

    All my writings, including conspiracy, can now be downloaded as a torrent file: Here is its content by folders: For those who do not know how to handle torrents, please download the following torrent client and then open my torrent...
  20. VolkodavKO

    The Spirit of Truth

    Strange writing that would be difficult to comment (direct link to a PDF file): Sample: (the Spirit of Truth) Perhaps the mention of the Spirit of Truth could have purposely been given into the Bible by Hellish people who have intended to use...
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