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  1. PrestoAdam

    Lessons from LOTRO

    Hello all, it's been a VERY long time since I posted. I've been hanging out in LOTRO, with great expectations of where that game would go. It is probably too soon to say that LOTRO will ultimately fail, but I already see signs of its faltering, and I thought I would share my opinion...
  2. PrestoAdam

    Who loves to solo?

    Since the other two styles were mentioned, I felt this one should be too. If I had to divide my time in these MMOGs (where G = Grind), I would do 10% PVP, 50% PVE (either parties or raids), and 40% Solo. By solo, I mean crafting, selling, working the auction house, exploring, and even...
  3. PrestoAdam

    Happy Holidays!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy holiday. My resolution for the new year is to find out who I need to sleep with to get into the HJ beta, and then sleep with them. Cheers! Presto
  4. PrestoAdam

    MUDflation - How to counter it

    A buddy of mine and I were talking about Vanguard. Now that I have a system to run it on again, I decided to load it up and see how it has progressed. Still sucks imho. Anyway, my buddy was also a Vanguard tester, and in our conversation about Vanguard, we started talking about WoW and...
  5. PrestoAdam

    Tell us about your rig...if you dare!

    Inevitably in a games forum, the issue of people's computers comes up. I am just about to upgrade, currently running off my 5-year-old work laptop right now, and was curious to know what cool machines others were running. Please, not interested in who made your computer, just the specs...
  6. PrestoAdam

    What games are you currently playing?

    I want HJ. I do not have HJ. So in the meantime, I am playing NetHack (and dying...a lot), Tubetwist, and some other small stuff. Thinking about resubscribing to Planetside. What are you playing while you wait?
  7. PrestoAdam

    A fair tithe to the piper

    I have read two different threads discussing payment plans, ticketed events, and other aspects of the amount of coin we as consumers are willing to part with for the HJ gaming experience. The bottom line to me, is this. Assuming that HJ is the lord on high's gift to the gaming community, the...
  8. PrestoAdam

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    In an effort to satisfy my own curiosity, and possibly to help the HJ devs make a better game, I would like to know what aspect of past MMOs made you leave. Please include the duration of time you played. The two most recent for me were PlanetSide and WoW. PlanetSide: 7 months Left because...
  9. PrestoAdam

    Epic Tradeskills

    Tradeskills are important to many of us, and if not directly to the HJ devs, then certainly to some of their spouses. :) We have been told that crafting will be a part of HJ, but not the mundane non-hero-like crafting we have seen in other MMOs. So be it. This made me wonder what hero...
  10. PrestoAdam

    Service Abilities

    Repair Warriors are able to repair damaged magical items of any sort. Through the course of regular use and abuse, items containing wyr stop providing the positive benefits of those wyr, starting with the most powerful effects. Repairing the item restores all positive effects. Alchemy...
  11. PrestoAdam

    Chat Channels

    One of the big issues in the Vanguard beta is about chat channels. Should it be server wide? Trade channel? Local OOC? Just wondering what people's opinions are on this subject. Personally, I had little problem with the way WoW did it. That is to say, with the proper macros, I could...
  12. PrestoAdam

    Three New Videos

    Thanks to Andragon for pointing these out to me in IRC. You see, we DO talk about stuff in there! Check out the main page for these cool new vids from E3
  13. PrestoAdam

    Hybrid Class Names

    We have been told what some of the hybrid class names will be, but there are 72, and I just wonder what they will be called. The ones we know are: Warrior + Cleric = Paladin Ranger + Wizard = Druid Ranger + Rogue = Sniper/Hunter Wizard + Warrior = WarMage Cleric + Healer = Pure Healer...
  14. PrestoAdam

    Multiclassing Professions

    Was talking to a buddy about how classes combine to form new specialty classes. So, Warrior + Cleric = Paladin. We started asking ourselves what would happen if you combined crafting professions in the same way. So, Engineer + Alchemist = Explosives Expert Or Alchemist + Tailor = Dye...
  15. PrestoAdam

    Instance Normalization

    In one of the E3 articles, it says that a Lev 2 questing with a Lev 50 will be upgraded, temporarily, to Lev 50. This made me ask myself, why then is leveling important? What I mean is that how is a Lev 50 really distinguished from a Lev 2. Will there be certain parts of the world only open...
  16. PrestoAdam

    UI Modding

    I am all for UI modding, but there are problems with it as well. When the game gets updated, the mods cause all sorts of UI problems until the mods get updated. Some see modding as cheating. I propose that the Devs themselves make some of the UI mods. Consider them Wyr for the interface...
  17. PrestoAdam

    Money money money

    Just curious what the monetary system in game is? Lowest denomination, highest? How they relate to each other? Copper? Gold? Platinum?
  18. PrestoAdam

    Crafting, buying, and selling

    I understand that crafting in HJ is not going to be like WoW. We will not farm/collect ingredients and we will not have recipes, at least for weapons and armor. These items will be more like pets, with the ability to grow them and level them. What kind of commodities market will HJ have then? I...
  19. PrestoAdam

    HJ Support of new technologies

    I have had my eye on two technologies that are on the verge of coming out. Was curious if HJ will support them. The first is Ageia's PPU. I have a demo from Novodex which actually shows the PhysX engine using several 3D models from HJ. Does this mean PPUs will be supported in-game? The second...
  20. PrestoAdam

    Things I'd like to see in dungeons

    Traps that can be untrapped Locked doors that require lock picking Chests that require a riddle to be solved to open (betrayal at krondor style) Logic puzzles Secret doors Teleportation traps This is just to get things rolling. What would you all like to see?
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