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    Compatibilty Test

    I thought this was cute and fun here's the link test My Results Physical 96% ;) *mind in gutter*:naughty: Emotion 99% Intellectual 72% Total 89% Try it's fun :spamlaser:
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    MV on Carson daly

    I can't remeber if it was wed or thur night but helooked goood!!! He was talking about his Movie and the mets. He was in this baby blue shirt with a white shurt under it. and his was golden he looks so good! did anyone else catch it?
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    Season 4 Mirror Scene SV

    I loved When Vaughn was comforting Syd before she went in to pose as "Laura" I loved when he told Syd they had snipers ready if he tried anything inappropriate. It was nice to have a SV scene. it was so sweet when he was rubbing her shoulders *sigh*
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    Your main Ship

    Well my #1 is SV. I'msure they are some of you that ship more than one couple on this show. but if it came down to your #1 couple who would it be?
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    I was just thinking about this the other day when I was talking to my friend about it. They never really explained if Jack was still married or not. I mean he's not wearing a ring. anyone else notice that? did I miss something?
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    Michael's Movies

    WellI think I've seen a good chunk of his of movies. I've seen Pallbearer-wasn't that good watched just for MV Touch Me-same thing Myth of Fingerprints-I really liked this movie I bought it The Curve-Bought it Thought it was really good Never Been Kissed-one of my Fav MV movies I bought this one...
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    I was sad and upset. Iwas crying when he died so sad. it kinda kills the Shoone thing
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    Fav Smallville eps from each season

    Mine are Season 1 The Pilot Shimmer Nicodemus Crush Drone Season 2 Red Visage Rush Calling Accelerate Fever Season 3 Exile Extinction Legacy Relic Obsession Season 4(so far) Crusade Devoted Jinx Spell Unsafe Transference Sacred
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    Season 4 Vaughn

    I loved Vaughn having his own story line. I'm glad were are delving into the Bill Vaughn issue cause Michael needs some answers. it was nice to see Vaughn doing his own thing without APO. When Vaugh mentioned his mother I thought we get to see her well maybe someday.
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    Season 4 Syd & Vaughn

    I loved Syd and Vaughn in this ep. it may have been just one scene but it was a great one! Sydney was playing with his Jacket wanting to come with him so adorable. then the kiss *sigh* loved it. Vaughn caressing her face with his hand then Syd going in for an extra kiss loved it!loved the ware...
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    Jack & Kate

    I love Jack and Kate! I think they are so cute.I'm very anti Sawyer and Kate. Sawyer and Kate is just Jack and Kate is love. anyone else with me? sorry if there is already a thread for them
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    Season 4 The hug

    I loved their hug I thought it was very sweet. They were talking as they held each other and sydney really held him tight towards the end of the scene it looked like Vaughn was giving her small kisses as on her neck as they talked.
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    Tom Welling

    This is a thread to celebrate the hottness that is Tom Welling.IF you don't know him he's the hottie on Smallville Clark Kent. What I love about Tom Welling His eyes His hot body His hair and Of course his acting skills. Very good actor!! Loved him in Cheaper by the dozen. Sorry if there...
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    Season 4 Hockey time!

    I was so happy to see them playing hockey agagin. kinda like thing were starting to get back to the way it used to be. They were so cute on the ice when she fell and he helped her up. and his story about him being a center in high school. I was hoping we would get a hockey scene this year! so...
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    Season 5 Love Scene

    I read that there is going to be a Love Scene. does anyone know what ep? is it the premiere?
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    Couples on Angel

    I shipped Cordy & Angel. but I did want Wes/Fred to hookup aswell.
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    David Boreanaz

    I love David Boreanaz!!!! he'sright up there with MV for me. any other DB fans? I will post some pics later on here.
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    Theresa who do you like her with better

    I like her with Fox.
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    Loss of a Friend

    I know I have enough fics going on here but I had to post this. if ya like it ask for a pM. I don't own any of these characters unfortunatley. they Belong to JJ. Summary: It's S3 it's going to be a lil angsty. this is my first angst so if it's sucks sorry. anyway They already know Lauren is...
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    Season 5 Syd & Vaughn

    is thereany good *happy* spoiler out there about them?
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