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    im backkkkk

    hey everyone! i used to be here like 24/7 then i got busy w/ life & stupid high school drama... anyways now that im on christmas break for the next 2+ weeks i decided id come back before i died of boredom! so yeah. hey again everyone! ^_^
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    A Cypress Scandal

    Title: A Cypress Scandal Started: May of 2006 Inspired by: Real events that happened to me & my friends as well as the popular best selling series "Gossip Girl". Topics <-- Previous Next --> Post a Question Reply Disclaimer: All real names of places, people, and...
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    ~+~ Random # 284 ~+~

    old here's the new one! in honor of valentines day!!
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    Last Letter Game!

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    A-Z of Grey's Anatomy!

    A is for Addison B is for....
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    The GA Quote Quiz!

    Just like any other quote quiz. episode names aren't necessary (but if you want to tell them, go right ahead!) just post who said it and to who or who was it about. "The next time you wake me, he better be so close to dead, there's a tag on his toe!"
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    Seven Deadly Sins series

    has anyone besides me read these? i love them! i'm on #2 "envy" #1 is lust #2 is envy #3 is pride 4-7 havent been named yet
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    The Fill-In-The-Blank Game!

    Okay so I got this idea (I dont know how lol) but anyways, it goes like this: Me: (posts a quote, see ex) --- "I've found the _____ Box. Person 1: (quotes the original quote and fills it in) --- "I've found the (MUSIC) Box." (also says who said it and in what episode) Sydney to 'Base Ops' in...
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    Guess the location

    okay, i'll post a pic and you have to tell me the location and the episode title the pic is from. then i'll post another picture, etc. scores will be posted every 5 questions 1 What is the location of this pic (city & country) and what ep is it from?
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    Joey's Pizza

    Title: Joey's pizzza Summary: S/V relive how they met through a series of flashbacks to try to repair their marriage. THanks riley for being an awesome beta!! ENJOY!! Wallpaper: Joey's Pizza Prologue Los Angeles— Hollywood’s power couple, Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn announced...
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    Season 4 Mess Ups/Goofs!

    i was bored so i watched season 4 all day and while watching this ep, in the club scene sydney tells vaughn to bite her. he does, but on the right part of her neck. a few moments later, she holds ice up to the left side of her neck, not the right. later on, there's no mark on either part of...
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    The First Family

    Title: The First Family Author: Sydney Bristow 2300844 (AKA: Sydney) Chapters: ? not sure yet Started: Yesterday, 9/23/05 Summary: Michael vaughn is the president, Sydney the first lady. there's never been so much drama in the white house. jody, 15, their eldest daughter is partying and...
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    What Happens in Cabo, Stays in Cabo

    Title: What Happens in Cabo, Stays in Cabo Author: Sydney Bristow 2300844 (AKA: Sydney) Chapters: ? Dont know yet Inspired by the last episode of Laguna Beach and watching some special on E! called Trust Fund Babies and by some parts of the A-List Series: Back in Black. Disclaimer: I dont own...
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    Politics Hurricane Rita

    im not sure if theres already a hurricane rita thread so if there is, just close this one. anyways...we're getting ready to probably evacuate cause rita's supposed to hit where i live sometime on saturday. (so i wont be on for a while) any thoughts on this? its a 4 already and 150 mph...
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    You & Me

    Title: You & Me Disclaimer: Alias doesn't belong to me, neither does the song, You and Me. Dedication: This is to the guy that made the Drama Banquet truly magical. He sat by me the entire night. Although we didn't wind up like Syd & vaughn and although we never got our dance, it still was the...
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    Three Days

    Title: Three Days Author: Sydney (Sydney Bristow 2300844) Rating: PG Summary: Sydney comes back from Hong Kong and goes to see Vaughn the day of his wedding to Lauren. She makes a wish and somehow...It comes true... A/N: I got this idea after watching 13 Going on 30 yesterday. The scene where...
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    In Good Business

    Title: In Good Business Author: Sydney (Sydney Bristow 2300844) Summary: Jack Bristow is a devoted husband and family man. He has worked at Omnifam for over 20 years when one day, someone informs him that he's being replaced. This doesn't go over too well with Jack but he tries to accept it...
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    Season 4 If Irina died...who was jack chatting with?

    If Jack supposedly killed Irina, who was he chatting with on his laptop in early season 3?
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    A/N: I'd like to thank JuJu (Bubbles)for beta-ing this! :hug: and all of my readers! Taken “We have the president’s daughter as well as her driver and bodyguard. They’re safe…for now. We have a list of demands…” Chapter 1 It was 3 A.M. when Sydney Bristow, the president of the United...
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    ~Illusion of Perfection~

    A/N: I'd like to thank Riley (rileylovesalias) for being my beta. And I'd like to thank all of my dedicated readers. And Kristina (spy41) for once again, inspring another great storyline. This storyline comes from another Alias Role Playing Game at Alias Universe. Illusion of Perfection It...
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