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    Dodge to rerelease the Dodge Charger in 06!

    OMG. Everyone is familiar with the Dodge Charger. The infamous orange car with 01 painted on the doors from the tv show The Duke's of Hazard. Ladies and gents Dodge seems to have gotten Duke's fever and just in time for the new movies release are releasing a new version of the forever...
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    Free Trials of the most popluar art programs.

    As I found out months and months ago. All the big name art programs off trial version of their softwares to use so that a person can decide if this is a product they want to spend there hard earned money on. Take my word for it, if you are into creating graphic art, it is in your best...
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    Don't everyone stand up at once. lol

    Hi, I am Christina, aka, the witch that works Kevin to death at hacking at TaN. lol You know I love you dude ;). Anywho, I couldn't resit giving the place a look over. It's nice to meet you all. I can't swear that I will be the best poster, but I will bet that Tetris will get my attention way...
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