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    Name Generators

    well... i was really bored one dayand looked it up. this si what i found just about the weirdest site ever, filled with stupid quizzes and name generators click on tests and widgets on left side andthen any of the tests are funny and for name generators click on the name...
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    After only 3 or 4 episodes fox already canceled one of the best new sereis Wonderfalls.. save wonderfalls!! sign the petition: or write a letter: upn or wb might pick up wonderfalls so try adn save it by sending a letter... : Dawn Ostroff...
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    TV's Best and Worst Boyfriends

    Looking on my msn there was a pic of Vaughn so heres the article: By Linda Holmes Updated: 2:47 p.m. ET Feb. 10, 2004February sweeps are swinging into action, and this year they offer, among other things, the wedding of Ed and Carol on “Ed,” Phoebe’s wedding...
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    my poems....

    lots of differnt ones Glistening Snow Glistneing as if ever one were, a person shouting out to the world Yelling of their sorrow suffering joy and daydreaming about lilies and snowflakes Falling one by one like forgotten dreams.
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    Coyote Ugly

    I loved this movie. I think Piper Perablo (?) did a great job. The bar scenes were excellent and the whole story was great. The guy in it, (austrailian guy) is sooo cute! did anyone else like this movie like i did? My art teacher looks exactly like jersey.
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    Article Sums it all up

    Patriots win a thriller EDDIE PELLS, AP Sports Writer Sunday, February 1, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (02-01) 20:04 PST HOUSTON (AP) -- Glitz and glitter off the field, a sensational game on it. This may have been the best...
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    Sick of studying?

    omg im so sick of studying! arrgggg!!! im memorizing my french right now.. ahowle page of it .its nuts. but. im fulled by gobstoppers and pure adrenhaline. anyone else studying.. (mines for midterms...)
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    Hate Relations (LARK/S/V)

    This will prolly end up as a 2 or 3 parter.. PLEASE R/R!!! i havent written in awhile.. tell me wahtcha think! Cryptic would have to be how you describe my life. I had a loving husband. Had being the right word, but that changed. I suppose some think I still do. But they would be wrong. I had...
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    Season 2 Reaction to: The Enemy Walks In

    I thought that it was great! What did you think? Post your reaction here.
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    Madea new sig or av... ?

    (not sure if its allowed if not you can close it) :unsure: Show off ur newly made sig or av here... if you got ur s form some one, credit them and lets all ohhh and ahh.. lmao! :D :lol:
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    Your song.. do u have one.....

    me and liz both make our own songs.. not like our own.. but like..... xample...: m my songs. Dirrty :Christina Aguilera With You :Jessica Simpson Hella Good, It's My Life :No Doubt I wanna MMM.... :the lawyer My Love is like Wo :Mya Safety Dance :Men without hats All the things she said :TATU...
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    Youre from NJ when...

    and my reponses: Sources of N.J. Pride Rating: 3.50 Joke Style: Lists This joke can be found in: : Funny Lists Printer friendly version of this joke You watched "Mallrats" and said "I've been to that mall!" (i have...) At least half the people you knew in high school went to Rutgers...
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    You know its America when.....

    feel free to add ur own too....... i thought this one was halrious! 1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. 2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink. 3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk...
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    More funny lists!

    Viruses to be looking for: BOBBIT VIRUS: Removes a vital part of your hard disk then re- attachs it. (But that part will never work again.) OPRAH WINFREY VIRUS: Your 200MB hard drive suddenly shrinks to 80MB, and then slowly expands back to 200MB. AT&T VIRUS: Every three minutes it tells you...
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    in people magazine i recently read an article about a man who had been charged wiht assualt.. and the guys name was marcus dixon spelt exactly the same!!!!
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    Do You Want to Marry Ryan Banks? here is the site to get info on the new original movie starring Jason Priestley, Bradley Cooper, and Emma Caulfield. He looks so cute in the pics!
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    How to take the Finals

    What to do when you take the FINALS Walk in, get the exam, sit down. About five minutes into it, loudly say to the instructor, "I don't understand ANY of this. I've been to every lecture all term long! What's the deal? And who the hell are you? Where's the regular guy?" Run into the exam room...
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    homework help in alegabra!

    if this pattern continues what would the denominator be in the 100th number:\ 1/2, 1/6, 1/12, 1/20 and wat woudl the equation to find it be
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    Ebaums World

    yesterday i was at my friends house who also has a younger sister. he was doing his homework and i ad finsihsed mine and his younger sister was on the computer... out of nowhere these came up. chekc 'em out not meant for younger eyes or ppl who get offended easily... dont say i didnt warn you...
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    This month on TV

    (all times Are EST!) Jennifer Garner: Alias Full Disclosure 60 minutes- (CC), SS, N, In Stereo starring Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin, Victor Garber Michael Vartan, Carl Lumbly, Kevin Weisman Thanks to an unlikely source, Sydney finally discovers the shocking truth about her whereabouts...
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