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  1. MadaBidyoni

    Academic articles

    Hi do you know where can i find on the internet (free) academic articles about Science Fiction & Fantasy films? thanks
  2. MadaBidyoni

    Sci-Fi scifi film noir films

    Hi do you know about any other scifi film noir films? i found only these: thanks
  3. MadaBidyoni

    good excuse for a film to be in space?

    Hi most of the space films & tv shows don't have a good excuse to be in space. i mean, they could be easily be set in sea for example. Instead of "sailing" with a space ship - sail with a normal ship etc... do you know about a good "excuse" for a story to be set in space?:)
  4. MadaBidyoni

    Scifi scripts?

    Hi do you know about a site with scifi scripts that you could enter a search word & the site will search it INSIDE all the scripts?
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