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    i thought it would be cool for all gymnasts to come and chat and have a place to hang out and talk about all things gymnastics!! cool huh? :cool: Cya around!
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    kevin at dennis quaid charity golf tournament

    he is said to be at the charity golf tournament in austin, texas. its hosted by dennis quaid, and it says he and carly lumbly and a bunch of other celebrities are suppose to be there. im going!!! ;) here is the website for those in the austin area... click here
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    Need some answers for a project!

    For anyone who listens to community radio, if u can answer these questions that would be greatly appreciated. 1. What Community Radio station do u listen to? 2. Why do u listen to community radio? 3. What are some of the reasons u listen to Community Radio rather than Public Radio Stations?
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    need help!

    does anyone know of any good gilmore girls website with screencaps, cause ive been looking for caps especially season 5. nikki
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    meet anyone famous??

    pretty explanatory!! ive met: dennis quaid billybob thornton patrick wilson faith hill
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    stupid training part

    ya know the part in the sd-6 training with the green beams or whatever, and u have to get past the camera. i feel so stupid, but i cant seem to get past that part!!! help!!!!!! nikki
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    meet anyone famous????

    ive recently went to the alamo premiere and got to meet dennis quaid, billy bob thornton and patrick wilson. So basically who have u met that was famous??? (Who and where)
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    somewhat new

    hey im new here!!! just wanted to drop by and say hi!!! nikki :D
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    Favorite Season Finale Cliffhanger

    This is the result of boredom!!!lol nikki
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    Alias chain

    was started on CIA headquaters, but i wanted to start my own here. Basically you say something like: i want laurens character to die. Then someone will post again starting with the last work die, and maybe say die is what almost happen to sloane. hope it works, and have fun!!!!! I cant...
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