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    Looking for a song!

    I dance, and we danced once to this great song...But I forgot to ask about the name of the song! I think the word "deal" is in the beginning...And "baby" is said a few times in the song, I believe...Then I remember "I'lll tell your mama...tell your friends.." "Write a to you on...
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    Has Jack changed over the seasons?

    I'd say a little bit. He's a little bit wiser these days. :)
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    Title: Gloves Author: Alias_Day Summary: "Don't go. Don't leave me. Don't give up on us." This is supposed to be after season 5. Prophet Five is gone. Isabelle does not exist - Sydney was never pregnant but except that everything else has happened. S/V angst! Warnings: None. Only slight...
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    Boring Ryan

    Does anyone else think Ryan is a boring character? He practically drags himself wherever he goes, he yawns and he sounds so tired all the time. All he does is mumbling.
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    Jen to star in "Up to the ground"?

    . Source
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    Help bring back Michelle Dessler!

    Don't we all love Michelle? Please, show how much you want her back by signing the petition to bring her back! The link is in my sig. :) I did not start the petition, but I support it to 100 %. :) Michelle: Reiko:
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    How has Vaughn changed?

    Hm? I think he's darker and more mature...I don't know which one I should vote for...Hm...I think I vote for 'more mature'. He's smarter.
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    How do you think Sydney has changed?

    I voted All the alternatives above. Sydney is more mature. She's pregnant with a child, she's felt things in her life that makes her more experienced. Sydney is sadder. She's lost many people in her life. When she was a child, her mother. Her father, in a way. She lost Danny, and that was her...
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    Melrose Place

    I really miss Melrose Place. I didn't watch it when it actually aired on television, but I watched the re-runs and I fell in love...I miss it. I think Allison & Billy was the best couple, and it's to bad Courtney Thorne-Smith left the show...
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    Season 5 Transcript?

    Does anyone know where I can find a transcript for this ep? It's not up at sd-1, or TWIZ TV yet.
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    What do you think when I say Sweden?

    I'm curious... Oh, and please don't say Lena Olin. :P Tell me how you think we look like, how our weather is, how we live, how we dress...anything.
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    Could someone animate this for me?

    Hi, yendys47 made BEAUTIFUL banners of Melissa George for me! But she couldn't animate them. Could a nice person animate them for me? I want them in this order: Someone?
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    Party & Wedding

    '”Hi” Sydney said to Vaughn. ”Hi.” Said Vaughn to Sydney. ”Hi.” Said Sydney to Jack. Jack said: ”Hi” Everyone partied all night and dance and danced and danced. It was funny. Vaughn had a funny shirt. Sydney had a funny shirt. Jack had a boring shirt. So, they partied and partied and it was...
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    Seth & Marissa fans

    (If you are here to scream at me, or tell me it's a crazy and stupid ship, please leave.) (The banner is kinda bad, I made it pretty fast (pics are from the Seth/marissa site Brighter Day - an awesome site.)) So I was wondering if there are any Seth & Marissa fans out there? I realized I was...
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    A/N: Sorry for the first post. I was something weird so the text didn't show..This is for the death fic contest. I can't really explain the timeline, but the death happened in late season 4. Take your eyes off me If anyone asked me if Sydney Bristow was my daughter, I’d tell them she used...
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    Why We Love Jen

    Alright. Everyone add a reason to why we love Jennifer Anne Garner. Cuz we all do! :D I begin: Her goofiness.
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    The best finale?

    I definitely think season 4's finale is the best, cuz I'm dying here..
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    Jen in "The Pretender"

    Jen guest starred in "The Pretender" in 1998 in the episode "Pool" and she played Billie H Vaughn/Dupree, a daughter of a murdered man. She was so awesome. And she sings SO beautiful! I've only heard her sing twice, in Rendezvous and SNL. But here...She's amazing! Anyone seen it except me?
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    The Deleted Kiss

    i have seen pics on the deleted scene when syd & vaughn make out. do you know where to find it? i didn't find it on alias-media.
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    The season 4 promo

    Does someone have a link to the promo that is NOT WinZip? Cuz I don't have that.
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