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    Name Game

    Take all the first names of everyone in your family and rearrange them to see how many words you can make that relate to Alias.... Here's mine: 1.Lena 2.Lie 3.Vartan 4.India 5.Train (from "Passage") 6.Oven (that they can reheat in :D ) 7.Dinner 8.David (Anders)
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    Season 2 Did anyone notice?

    Remember the ep where Freplica gave Vaughn the tie? Well, in the beginning of "Second Double" where Syd and Vaughn are losing their clothes,Vaughn throws the tie on the floor. The camera goes in for a close-up and then it shows Freplica on her cell and you can hear Syd and Vaughn in the...
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    I was just wondering how many of you might have spotted bloopers or something that wasn't supposed to happen when you're watching Alias. My favorite is the episode(can't remember the name) where Sydney's on a mission and she's talking to Vaughn back at base. He tells her to go right at the...
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    Where are you from?

    Just thought it might be kinda fun to see how many of us live in places that have something to do with Alias..... I live in Pennsylvania....Bradley Cooper ,who plays Will Tippin, is from PA also.... This will also show how many different places Alias fans come from!!!! :D
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