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    so guys, what do u think will happen in the end or even in the second series will syler find them all? will peter be the new syler? what is linderman all about? arghhh????????? so many questions, but no answers! any of you guys got any question/answers?!?!?! CHili
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    Heroes Is

    ok so Pick an Heroes-related word, and add is... after it (I do this one). Finish the sentence with whatever you want to write, and then pick the next Heroes-related word based on the last letter of the previous word (and add is...). so i write Heroes is..... (whatever u decide to put) next...
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    i need help finding a track

    so ive looked in the link with all the songs but i dont know what its called or whos its by all i know is that its sung by a female and i think its in the first episode, if not the first three. it goes something like "and not everything is gonna be the way you thought it oughta be and not...
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    new webhunt game?

    hey was just wondering if anyone had heard of the new rambaldi game on the net?????
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    Season 1 FBI or CIA

    ok so i have another question, in this episode we find out that helaki was FBI because he was seen having lunch at the rotunda, which apparently only FBI are allowed into. then we have series 2 where its set in the rotunda, however we're still the CIA, was it just a slip up???
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    Season 1 help

    ok so as we all know, Jack gave Will Elouise Kurts pin transmitter and is the voice on the end of the phone with a voice box which we all find out later in the series, so if this is true how was he talking to Will when he was with Sydney saving SD-6 from Cole?????? any ideas anyone ok so...
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    Politics the loss of a great conservationist...

    today the crocodile hunter past away whilst doing what he loved best, raising awareness for the worlds animals, whilst filming underwater in Australia for one of his programs he was struk by a stingray whose barb struck him in the heart. depsite the irony in his death he died a happy man and...
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    other sd sites

    hi has anyone looked at the other sd sites on the net. theres obviously this one and sd-6 but theres others. also theres a alias dossier which is like one big alias dictionary. if u go to sd-7 it says that u'r unauthorised to view the page, is it another alias secret page like apo??? well...
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    Ally McBeal

    ok so i have looked for a thread for Ally McBeal but couldn't see one so i thought that i would start this one up. so did anybody ever watch it? let me know Chili :bluehair:
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    can anybody

    hi i won't be here to watch the final 2 episodes of GA so can anyone tell me the following please pleasepretty freakin please: 1)does cristina's bloke die? 2)does izzys bloke die? 3) how does it all end????? 4)does merridith go to sheperd? ok so my spelling sux but anyways cheers Chili...
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    ok can anybody tell me the co-ordinates in the back of dan Browns book "Deception Point" please???? i've left my copy in the UK Cheers much Chili :bluehair:
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    just wondering if anybody has heard of Yellowcard, if ya have wot do ya think of em?
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    boo boo be do

    ok so as i was readin thro sum topics i noticed that there are a lot of tight groups here so i thought i would make a topic for the lil newbs and peeps that dont really get a look in. so whos gonna go first anybody....... anyone at all..... lol Chili :bluehair:
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    A higher Echelon music

    can anybody help me with the music towards the end of this episode when marshall is back at SD-6. ive tried to open the music guide but it wont load up any help will be nice cheers Chili :bluehair:
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    feeling a lil bit down......

    so i was feelin a lil bit down so i decided to get my daily fix of Alias, so um whats everyone up to well this sounds real lame Chili :bluehair:
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    just wana make sum new friends

    hey just been reading some of the posts in this forum and from what i read u guys are really cool and close, just wanna see if theres anyone out there who are same/similar/different to me, and wanna say hi and have general convesations, lol i sound like a really deep pesron there. :)...
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    Laguna Beach

    hey as we all know Alias is the all time best, but... does anyone watch Laguna Beach? let me know what ya think (if anyone reads this anyways) :bluehair:
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    story lines that would never happen but funny if they did!

    ok so me and SpyGirl426 have come up with an idea of things that would never happen but would be funny as if they did, including sloane and jack admitting their love for each other and walking off into the night together, awww :D also the Rambaldi artifacts all coming together and making a...
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    which office do you prefer?

    which one did u prefer??? SD-6 The Rotunda APO was gonna be a poll but it didnt happen!!!! :bluehair:
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    can anyone answer my question cuz its been confusing me for a while. :bluehair:
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