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    Again? How did you freaking do it AGAIN? I'm in love with you. Seriously. You really need to post more soon! PM please? This is great! How are Vaughn and Sydney going to react to Sark? I need to find out. Soon. Later... - Gwen
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    Beautiful Soul

    Cheese and Rice! How can every stinking story you write be so freaking GREAT? It's impossible, really! Geez, another spectacular fic. I can't wait to read more. I assume Alice will be leaving the picture shortly. Please? I really don't like her. I love Weiss in this fic. I love everything in...
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    Dark Secrets

    You astound me. How can you possible write so many freaking fics? How can they ALL be SO good? This one is no exception. It's great and it's only two chapters in. I can't wait for more. Soon? Can I get a PM? Thank you, Later... - Gwen
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    Oh My God. I'm seriously considering being in love with you. You are so freaking awesome! It was perfect! Goo Goo Dolls? Definately my favorite. You rock my socks bringing in the "Iris" factor. This was spectacular! Thanks for the PM. Later... - Gwen
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    The Only Thing That's True

    God...another amazing fic! I don't know how you do it. They are all wonderful. I love the whole unrequited love vibe coming from both sides. It's great! I can't wait for more. Oh...can I get a PM. Thanks. Keep up the awesome work! Later... - Gwen
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    Hockey Mom

    Oh my god! I go away for a month and come back to find you have finished the entire freaking story! Geez, You are so freaking amazing! It was a wonderful story, I was definately in tears for the last few chapters. The fluff, the proposal, the wedding? How can it get any better than this? It's so...
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    Hockey Mom

    I love this story! It's so great! I love that Vaughn wants to get to know Syd, too. And Michael Vaughn is so much better than Brian! Thanks for the PM. More soon? Later.... - Gwen
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    When it's over

    Oh my god. I love this fic. So much. It's just makes me chuckle. So much. I LOVE IT!!! The whole key thing? You know I totally thought it was a ring. Ruin my dreams! Oh well, it was still SO AWESOME! SHE'S MOVING IN! YES! Lauren FAILED! Stupid b****... I love Will. And Jack was hilarious...
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    Three of Us?

    Oh, that was so cute! I really love Vaughn in this fic. The fingernail thing? Priceless. And I love how Syd's now really excited. It's so great! Thanks for the PM and keep up the great work! Later.... - Gwen
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    Weekend Getaway

    Oh my god...I love it! Do they know each other? That would be really awesome with some great possibilities. And if he didn't know her, just thought she was stunning? Also very awesome! I can't wait to see where you take this! Can I get another PM? Later.... - Gwen
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    Broken Inside

    This is really good! I can't wait for more. When Syd gets better, she should beat Lauren down. The Jack/Sydney and Vaughn/Sydney reunions were great! More soon please? And can I get a PM? Later.... - Gwen
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    When it's over

    Hey! This is a really great fic! Syd/Vaughn are so cute. And I'm simply loving the Jack/Irina. Please continue soon! Can I get a PM when you do? Later.... - Gwen
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    The giraffe, Santa Barbara, and the Proposal

    God this fic is so CUTE! I love it. I love how Vaughn is nervous. And the whole Weissinator thing had me cracking up! I love it. Can't WAIT for more. Soon Please! Later... - Gwen
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    Hockey Mom

    Excellent Update! Nathan is such a cutie and Vaughn is exceptionally sweet. I don't really like the sound of Brian. If he is beating Syd I hope that Vaughn comes in and kicks his ass. I loved the like when Vaughn is thinking about Syd's affinity towards hockey players! It was GREAT! Thanks for...
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    The giraffe, Santa Barbara, and the Proposal

    This is a really cute fic, great beginning. More soon please? And can I get a PM when you update? Later... - Gwen
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    Where We Were At

    Oh wow...I am so in love with you. You know, I had a dream like this once. But it REALLY wasn't nearly as good. THIS FIC IS SPECTACULAR! What happened with SpyMommy? Who is with Will? Is it Lauren? When will Lauren die? When will Syd and Vaughn get married? When will Weiss find Nadia? Oh my...
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    Three of Us?

    Thanks for the PM 'cause this update was GREAT! And not nearly long enough, in my opinion. I love how Will is always messing up and Vaughn has to set him straight. And the way Syd just jumped in and told Weiss about the baby even though she told Vaughn he could. And Francie's phone...
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    ~Message Received~

    This is so funny. Everything. Erica Whitmore? Hysterical!!! This is super...more soon, please? And can I get a PM? - Gwen
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    Three of Us?

    Woohoo! I am loving this fic. Great work...more soon? And can I get a PM? Thanks. Later... - Gwen
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    Knockin On Heavens Door

    How come everything you write is so good? Really? All of it? Are you magical? Or an alien? Ah...who cares? It's GREAT STUFF! Although "The Stupid Ex" kind of makes me wanna puke. Something makes me kind of queasy. Continue on soon? PLEASE? You're just too freaking addicting. Can I get a PM...
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