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    Re-watching S3....Lauren question.

    Ok, obviously, anyone who's not seen S3 stop reading! I'm not sure if the spoiler rules still apply but just in case........ Alright then. Am going through the whole series again, and i'm a few eps into S3. Now something is bothering me. I guess my question would be....did they decide to make...
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    Excellent news for UK fans.

    Anyone in the UK who thought that they weren't going to get to see S3 of Alias due to Sky not picking it up can breathe a sigh of relief. :D No Sky haven't changed their minds...but Bravo, who are currently showing re-runs of my other favourite show, Xena, have picked up the option. And...
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    Hi everyone, I'm new here...but been with Alias from the get go! need to mention to you lot that it's the best show on TV is there? :D I'm from London, i'm trying to avoid spoilers at the 'til next March before S3 starts over here. :(
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