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    Raiders of the Lost Ark #4

    I saw Harrison Ford on Ellen the other day and he said that they were real close to doing Raiders of the Lost Ark #4. If Steven Speilberg is directing, I think it could still be good...maybe if they bring in a son for Indy that he did know that he had. Wonder who would play him?
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    Season 5 Project Christmas

    The whole idea that Sydney was part of Project Christmas and trained up to be a spy (or the chosen one) some how has to be connect to Rambaldi. I know that Jack professes not to be a believer, but we also know that he keeps ALOT of secrets. So does anyone have any ideas how they might be...
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    What's you favorite Reality Show?

    That's right we all watch reality shows, admit it! But I am curious as to which are you favorite reality shows. :tvhappy: Mine are: Project Runway, The Apprentice and American Idol (:bag:)
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    Season 4 Why would Irena want to kill Sydney?

    That just doesn't make sense. Something else must be going on. My first thought is that Irena is not dead. My second thought is the possiblilty that the information that the covenant was going to be extracting from Sydney (Remember last season the fight with the fake Francie - Sydney asked...
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    Season 4 Maybe Irina's not dead

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Irina suppose to have been buried in Moscow? Then why would the Russians be looking for her? It wouldn't be the first death that had been faked on the show. (buy why?)
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    Season 3 Why is Lauren's Dad around?

    It seems to me that is is just too much of a coincedence that Lauren's dad is around. I don't remember exactly what was said as to why he was there -just that it didn't sit right with me. I know that Lauren says that they "don't get along". What do you think? Is is good, bad or covenant...
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