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    Dead Drop, Another twist!

    Here's my first fan fic. that I worked on way earlier in the season with my friend "Freelancer" and her sister. This is semi. drama/comedy. I will post more, (Because there is more), so feel free to comment/praise whatever... Hope you enjoy! ALIA[S] Season 2 ~ Episode # 4 continued...
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    People you know who look/act like the cast

    Do you know someone who looks or acts like an actor/actress on ALIAS? This one guy who goes to my church kind of looks like Will, with the same eyes, and voice. And then there is another guy who totally acts like Marshal! If every you ask him one question you could be stuck there talking to him...
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    "Star Gazing ALIAS Style!"

    Hey all you ALIAS fans here is the story of when I went to the Jay Leno Show to see Jennifer Garner as one of his guests. The whole thing is written in letter form to "my other friend named Jennifer" who lives in North Carolina, (She likes ALIAS too). I hope to write another one, (Letter/story)...
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    Foreign Languages & ALIAS

    Don't you just love it when Sydney uses accents, or speaks Chinese, Russian, or Spanish? Or when Marshal spoke in Ewok? Even when Jack did Morse code with his eyelids! I think that would be cool to be fluent in all those different languages, or be able to comunicate in many different forms. So...
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