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    Sci-Fi Doctor Who (BBC)

    Does anyone know when the U.S. is going to be getting the second season?? just started watching this show and absolutly love it!! =)
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    Java Junkies

    i love L/L. those two together are what got me watchin gilmore girls, my friend tried to get me to watch the show, which i had seen the show before season 4 off and on, but i said i wouldnt watch the show till those two got together. so i been watching gg since season 5. anywho didnt like the...
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    Java Junkies

    No prob! :cool: hey do u guys no of any good java junkie fan fiction sites? i know of, but im looking for more sites for L/L fiction.
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    Java Junkies

    here is the site i got my pic off of!
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    Java Junkies

    hey everyone! never been to the gilmore thread at AA, so thought id stop by and say hi!!!
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    need help!

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    need help!

    does anyone know of any good gilmore girls website with screencaps, cause ive been looking for caps especially season 5. nikki
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    I was able to see the premiere early...

    i saw the preview, and im definately going to watch it. I really love how jj makes his shows 'movie' like. Anyway i dunno if it will last, but im interested to see if its any good.
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    Halliwell Manor (Charmed Central)

    I like nick lachey, but i dont know if id like him on charmed, it just seems weird. I liked drew fuller, i wish he'd come on rather than nick
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    Favorite Powers???

    i like pipers powers, but then orbing is kwl 2
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    Fav Sister

    piper and paige!!
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    How Long Have You Been A Fan?

    started watching by the fourth season my fav eps are trial by magic and chris-crossed
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    The Guy's of Charmed

    Leo and chris, but i voted for leo!!
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    What's ur previous most obessed TV show?

    i am weird, i loved the x-files!!! Im so sad it had to go :blue:
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