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    Canne's Film Festival 2004

    Awww Quentin and Uma. Tis priceless. Angelina Jolie! Angie Uma and Quentin there are other pictures of Brad Pitt. eww. and thoes people.
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    Monster In Law [merged topics]

    whyyyy J. LO? WHY?
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    Random #204

    203 Lusty popcorn moguls. ;)
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    The Ellen Degeneres Show

    I love her daily dance, Houston, and her monolougues... everything! She's just so funny. :lol: :D
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    Season 3 Quotes

    "Your cigarettes are for felgercarb" :lol: "My marriage is fantastic" -Vaughn "Yeah, i can tell" -Weiss "ENGLISH PLEASE!" -Vaughn "Cut the red wire... NO WAIT WAIT" -Marshall "I HATE when you do that!" -Vaughn "I'm luckier than you are... The Covenant didn't kill the man I love. He's on that plane...
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    iPod minis

    Ohmyirina... have you seen these little buggers? :lol: They're so cute. :shocked: I want the blue oooone. :mellow:
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    Series Finale

    Wow, last episode airs May 6th. :o Damn... :blink: this is from
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    Message From Roxy

    Roxy wanted me to post this just to let everyone know she's fine but i had to take some stuff out because yeah... :lol: Alrighty, I have done my job. :ph34r: ::runs out of this place::
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    Speek Dee Langeege Vv Zolovian

    Fur doz who dunt know dees language... eet eez seempuhl too luhrn. Ee 'ave ee few studeents who 'ave lurhned faast een deest langeege. Eeet ees surtav like ee meex of auztraleean, russian, eend engleesh. Eet's alroit eef you cahnt peek eet up at feerst! :lol:
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    Happy Birthday Kara!

    eeeeeeeeee today is Kara's birthday! :reallyexcited: :D kara- you're a very loyal shopaholic friend and wonderful at fan art. :lol: eee and i remember you said that you don't have that many purses. :lol: ^_^ so yeah... stripes! <!--SPOILER BEGIN--><div...
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    Mona Lisa Smile

    This movie looks so great. :D It comes out December 19th. ^_^ Bah... why is Kirsten Dunst in it though? I... dislike her. :crazy: :lol:
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    Random |139|

    ... at least if you’re not satisfied, you can exchange it for something you really like. :lol: not that i speak from experience... it's just a quote :lol: :blink: 138
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    Season 3 Ratings

    Opposite the two made-fors, ABC's Alias (#3: 7.1/10) and The Practice (#3: 8.5/14) were both above average. :kicking:
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    Sophie Kinsella

    Shopaholic readers! Alert! Her new book "Can You Keep A Secret" comes out March 2004! aaah i can't wait :reallyexcited: I hope it won't be a letdown... and that the character is just as hilarious as Becky (that isn't possible :blink:) :lol: cute cover i must say ^_^
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    Romantic Comedies

    Okay I'll admit it. I am :lol: :ph34r: The Shopaholic Series... All the Marian Keyes and Jane Green funny love books :lol: ^_^ And The Nanny Diaries... they just make me so cheery! :D I went on Amazon and found a romantic comedies list and the sad thing is... I read more than half of them...
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    Random [one thirty seven]

    Do you? :ph34r: :lol: Random 136
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    Gah I can't believe there's no thread on this movie! :lol: It was hilarious and sweet and just plain feel-good. :D "Collignon, big moron, down the drain" :lol:
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    nance's rebels

    come on people, join my army of feeear. :ninja: see.. first you must say the pledge of rebels, created by siri! i pledge allegiance, to The Nance, of the united thread of rebels, and to the hairties, for which we stand, one thread, under irina, indivisible, with alias and WOMDs for all *does...
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    Random Request

    Would someone like to create a banner for me? :unsure: :lol: requirements: 921x100 pixels glowy :lol: "Fearless Forever" somewhere on it and "The Place To Talk About Everything Fearless" and these pictures:
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    Alexander / 11/04

    okay... Colin Farrell :thud: Angelina Jolie :thud: Anthony Hopkins :ph34r: :lol: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers :wub: (the dude from Bend It Like Beckham) and Jared Leto, Rosario Dawson, and Val Kilmer (who I don't know :lol:) But anyways... it's about Alexander the Great, comes out in 2004 ;)
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