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    Season 3 Reaction to "The Nemesis"

    I thought it was really exciting!!! Has anyone noticed how much Sloane drinks water? When he was talking to Sydney after her run he was holding a water bottle which he was drinking from, (at first I thought he was going to give it to her). And when ever they meet with him in his office he always...
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    Season 3 Letters in Syd's dream images...

    I never noticed that before! I was always just paying attention to the fuzzy faces and trying to make sense of them. I believe one of the people was Irina, and one was Jack with his beard. I've got to check those letters out though! :huh:
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    No escape

    Great story so far. I bet they're using the Rambaldi device on her! ^_^
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    Love Over Hate

    Can't wait for more!!! And I hope your move goes well! :D
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    Dead Drop, Another twist!

    Sorry it's been taking so long but I garantee there will be more after the 22nd. !!!
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    Love Over Hate

    Great writting! Ok never mind I love your avatar... I was just confused that's all! Hey have a fun vacation. I'm planning to write more of my fic. on my vacation too! :D
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    Honey I Shrunk The Spies

    What a good idea! ALIAS could use a little humor like that now and then! I love the Marshal humor! More more!
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    A Glimpse of What's to Come

    OH Soo Good just like JJ! Keep going please!
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    Dead Drop, Another twist!

    I will post more ASAP! Anyone have any ideas for it before I continue? Feedback is much appreciated! Thanx!
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    Flash Back

    Cool! Thanks for updating me. Now I remember who Carry is! She just didn't have that big of a role in the last episode so I guess I forgot! Good story so far!
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    Dead Drop, Another twist!

    Hey people what do ya think? I need comments etc.. so I can/will write more!!!
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    Wow! Poor Sydney! Why does she always get so beat up! This was a suspensful fic. Good job!
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    Love Over Hate

    I like it! Keep going please! By the way, your Avatar is kinda creepy. Have you seen the movie "Darkness Falls"?
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    Small World

    I'm gettin' it now! Good job! more more!
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    Flash Back

    You better post more soon! By the way, who is "Carry" Where is Dixon? So Irina is bad?! And, didn't Sloane capture Jack in the last episode? I'm just slightly confused but hey! You write a great story I can't wait for more!
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    Flash Back

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    Lena Olin in Hollywood Homicide

    That looks like a fun movie ! Especially since Lena is in it! :D
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    Superheroes What X-Man Are You?

    Cool poll! I like them all so it's hard to decide. But I think Rogue's powers are cool cuz she can take other mutant's for a time. I also like lady death strike and Wolverine
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    Cool! I kind of know where you are going with this one but am still semi confused! Post more soon Please!!!!
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    Alias among TV Guide Online's best drama picks

    That would be so awesome if ALIAS got nominated. The show would get more attention for crying out loud! (By the way, this isn't related but I was watching Sleepless in Seattle and what do ya know! Victor Garber was in it!!!)
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