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    What are you wearing? 2

    A plain black long sleeve t-shirt, on top of a plain white long sleeve t-shirt, and some plain black trackpants... Let me explain, I'm about to go out for my morning run. :ph34r:
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    Last CD you bought?

    Blur - The Best Of They don't have that impressive a catalogue in my opinion, so I thought this my best bet to show my appreciation for Blur, so many hits. :)
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    Remember Aaliyah

    Yes, talented lady who's first few albums were really something.
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    What movie made you shed the most tears?

    I have to say I know a 19 year old man who was reduced to tears watching The Green Mile... Not me, of course not. :innocent:
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    What "big movie" have you never seen?

    Goodfellas Pulp Fiction Shawshank Redemption Oh the shame.... :unsure:
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    Your DVD Collection

    What I have currently - The Complete Lost Series 1 The Green Mile Donnie Darko Made In Britain Rocky Papillion Traffic Gattaca Saw Seven The Butterfly Effect Saving Private Ryan On a lighter note... Red Dwarf - Just The Episodes, Series 1-4 Ace Ventura - Pet Detective Ace Ventura - When...
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    Do you believe that movies affect a person?

    I grew up amongst racist people, my grandad especially, which rubbed off on my mum to a lesser extent. Not saying movies alone has changed my views which were drilled into me from family, but it has played a huge factor. American History X showed how negative an affect racism can have on...
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    Too many to remember and list, but I'll tell you my highlights etc. Best film - Crash, by a country mile. Went into the cinema not even knowing of it's existence and left putting it with my all time favourite films, it had such an immediate impact on me. Latest film - Factotum. Didn't think...
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    Top 5!

    1. Tom Hanks in The Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan, Philadelphia & Castaway 2. Samuel L. Jackson in Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction and The Negotiator(very underrated film) 3. Morgan Freeman in Million Dollar Baby, Seven & Shawshank Redemption 4. Brad Pitt in Seven, Fight Club & Meet Joe Black...
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    If you were the opposite gender...

    I'd be Angelina Jolie. :unsure: Sure she has her issues, but she helps out in Africa, has a child, and is very very pretty. Not to mention I'd play with myself! :ph34r:
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    New here, new to Alias, just new!

    Sweden? Canada? Australlia? :o, quite an interesting mix of people, and that's only in my introduction thread, niceee. Yes, Red Dwarf fan.
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    New here, new to Alias, just new!

    Wow, been on forums similar to this in layout before, but as I was about to post I've seen the excellent range of emoticons, always good to use when you can't put what you want to say into words. :unsure: I'm Sean, and will probably become a regular around here as various forums I've posted on...
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