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  1. J

    "Grey" Spin-Off: "Private Practice"

    that's awesome that merrin is finally back on TV!
  2. J

    Alias underground

    the alias underground site has been taken down, you can still find it on though.. as for the alias comic series, nope never heard of it but that would be awesome!
  3. J

    Finn VS McDreamy

    Isn't his McName was McVet..
  4. J

    Season 5 DVD & Complete Series DVD

    yeah i was bugged about the picture on the cover too.. they used a season 4 promo picture which just made me angry cuz her hair isn't like that in season 5 and she's pregnant too.. they could've taken a picture before the series ended of her.. o and the disc amount bugs me also.. i thought that...
  5. J

    Season 5 DVD & Complete Series DVD

    Hey All, just got an email from and here is the link they gave me, it has the DVD art for Season 5 and The Complete Series Art Too!!!! I'm so happy!!! even though i would've enjoyed a better picture of jen for the season 5...
  6. J

    Season 5 Goof

    they did it with page 47.. they changed it on us and made it seem like it didn't..
  7. J

    Garber joins pilot

    well he played a lawyer in Legally Blonde and did a good job so i think he can play a lawyer well...
  8. J


    o that sucks! i was hoping that it would've returned sooner...
  9. J

    Politics Smoking in Resturants/Public places

    i'm against people smoking in public places.. nower days you can't go anywhere without being bombarded by smoke... it's horrible..
  10. J

    Politics Possible 2008 Presidential Candidates

    I don't have a side on the political issues.. i'm in between though cuz i won't vote for another clinton or another bush... though it'd be awesome to have a woman as a president.. Also Why can't we have a president of a different race? why does he/she always have to be Caucasian? why can't...
  11. J

    Politics Avian Flu

    wait, i'm confused.... why would anybody recreate any virus or disease? i don't mean to attack anyone but doesn't that seem stupid to anybody or is it just me? what is the point in reconstructing a deadly virus? i know people want to study it but that's a risk you should never take. Now I'm...
  12. J

    Season 5 Return Of One of McCulloguh's Patients

    i thought that this forum is for spoilers! not speculation and rumors...
  13. J

    No more Alias reruns on TNT

    All TNT plays is Law & Order.. L&O should have it's own network and stay off the other's... Well if you go here, you can enter your location and see when the reruns are on local television... we're on 2.02 over here in albuquerque... it's not everyday but at least it airs once or twice a...
  14. J

    Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough

    i thought he was just flirting with her cuz well he's logan, i didn't even think about him trying to get back at her dad....
  15. J

    The BIG quiz

    Song 2 - Blur
  16. J

    ALIAS Quote Quiz

    any hints?
  17. J

    Nadia Santos Big Fan

    Welcome to the Board, my name is Josiah... Hope you have fun here!
  18. J

    Season 5 Return Of One of McCulloguh's Patients

    well first of all you spelled McCullough's name wrong, second of all this whole Martin Shepard thing was a rumor, it wasn't confirmed by abc...
  19. J

    Season 5 Alias MIA!

    me and a friend are trying to get it back through our new site...
  20. J

    Alias awaiting return slot

    lol, i think everyone would love that! i certainly would!
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