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    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    omg omg omg omg. i can't believe it's over. it can't be over.
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    Season 5 CountDown to Series Finale

    can we have a group hug, please, before i cry? :hug: :cry:
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    Season 5 CountDown to Series Finale

    i'm kind of in shock. i don't really want this episode to come so alias won't end. 1 hr...9 min...
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    hmm i kinda think they used her to find him and that she didn't really betray him. because if she did why would she kiss him at the end? aaarg update soon!
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    Shattered Illusions

    JUJU! *superflyingtacklehug!!!* HIIIIIIIIII. hmmm, do you even remember me? i don't think i have been over to visit AA in like...a lot of months. egads, too many. tonight for some RANDOM! reason i decided to come and read a fic of yours and i did and i love it love it love it AND ALSO I...
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    Forget Me Not

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    haha, but do you swim 1500 fly!?!? swimming like crazy is good! go crazy swimmers! wait :blink: that came out wrong! NONONO YOU AREN'T CRAZY! :) beth! :icecream:
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    :thud: OH...MY... i think i would DIE. geez! i think i AM going to die because i'm going to camp for a month and i won't be able to swim at ALL. there's a lake, but, really, i won't get any swimming done there. and i'm worried because i have been improving a TON lately and now i'm afraid...
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    Tulshy J's Homeys

    yay it is! except she kinda sorta is leaving town for a month...? :whistle: why am i talking in third person? :blink: heeeeeeheeeeeeee i'm CRAZZZZZYYYY! :happydance: BECAUSE I JUST HAD SUGAR! I HAD A DONUT...OR A DOUGHNUT...I DON'T KNOW THE RIGHT WAY TO SPELL IT! and yes...:depressed: it's...
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    62. syd_47 63. BlueBird015 yay for new members! wow we have a lot! huZZAHHHHHHHH! beth! :icecream:
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    whats common

    each time they are pretending to be people they're not to get something? sorry i can't remember exactly when the top one is from! and i'm bad at these. oh well :) beth! :icecream:
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    Make a Funny Story

    then decided to go out for ice cream. syd shouted to nadia, "but i wanted the chocolate!" to which she replied, "
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    Guess the Episode!

    the road home?
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    Make a Funny Story

    fell into a pile of cow manure! meanwhile, syd and nadia...
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    When is the season 4 DVD's coming out

    october 6th? awwww that's a long time! too bad it's not october 1st haha beth! :icecream:
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    Make a Funny Story

    watching barney in an attempt to scare her away. so then she
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    Forever Family

    AAAAAAAAAAAAH FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :reallyexcited: yay! but :depressed: hmmmmmmm :hmm: very interesting! but sadly i will be gone for 3 or 4 of those thursdays...:lol: actually now i'm really happy because i only miss a few updates and NOT the whole thing! yayay...
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    HELLOOOO! *BIG GROUP HUG* :hug: yes, Beth is back from another disappearing act *cough cough, shift about nervously* and she is also about to be gone for a month due to going to camp...SO... i wanted to come and say that no i have not forgotten everyone here but i have been out of town and...
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    Drama Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

    even though i've heard great things, i'm afraid to see it because i loved the book so much and i don't want to just watch the whole thing and think: "they did that wrong, and that, that's not right, that's wrong too" like i sometimes do :blush: beth! :icecream:
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    The Phantom of the Opera

    oh yes, i am the same as you...i have the original soundtrack and listen to it a TON (haha, i'm listening right now!) but i did think that the movie was phenominal as well...they kept it basically the same and only changed a few lyrics and order...most movie interpretations are waaay different...
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