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    Weiss Quotes

    Well I saw that someone had a Marshall quotes i stole your idea (sorry!) for Weiss...i mean his arent AS great but there's a few funny ones out of my favorites that i can think of now (and i've only seen s3 adn what's been aired of s4 so far...) is the one when he's talkin...
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    whoa u guys...u just realized...i hit 0.01% of all forum topics...with 9.4 posts/day...i wanted to get at least 0.01% Thank G-d i got there lol...oh man im so happy lol thats crazy though...i didnt think that id get their so soon...
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    The Videogame

    O.K., well I feel weird for even bringing this up, because anything alias-related is awesome! But is the Alias videogame good? It got good reviews it a new one in the alias world...started with season 4...a friend got me hooked who later lent me season 3 (SO GOOD!) and I have yet to...
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    When do YOU think season 5 will start?

    do you guys think that it will start january like this one did? 'cause that's a looong but i'll i was just wondering if you guys know when season 5 will start airing or if you have any post post! Thanks, Sayyad....
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    Season 5 Some season 4 future episode info

    If the link in the thread doesn't work, than you can go here, And read about some future season 4 episodes info. Theres also some cool info at...
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    Season 4 DVD

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or news or speculations as to when the season 4 DVD will be released... :D :lol: Thanks, Sayyad.
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    DVD packaging

    OK, so i borrowed season 3 from a friend (havent seen 1 or 2) and got hooked onto season im were seasons 1 and 2 packaged...i have an idea of 1 cause ive seen a slip case box, with 3 regular lookin dvd cases, each containing two discs, and each dvd case...
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    O.K., remember how Sydney tranqulized her in Episode 22 of Season 3...well, after she fell, what happened to her? Her meaning Katya. Sorry if this has already been discussed, if it has, please post a link to the thread! Thanks! -Sayyad.
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    You guys, I saw a lotta platinum members and the it worth it? I won't join prolly but i was just wondering...
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    How long will Alias go on?

    Does anyone know how long the show will run? I heard that Jen's contract expires i 2008 or something but do you guys think that she will renew it? Post to your heart's desire y'all lol...and also...sorry if this has already been posted...if it has could some one post up a link to...
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    OK, so I've seen 47 everywhere, my friends comment that it's like everywhere...WHAT'S THE SIGNIFICANCE? If you guys know post, and if you guys don't...speculations are great!
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    Hourglass-Season 3

    [COLOR=blue]Does anyone know the name of the song, when Sydney takes the hourglass, when she barged in, guns blazing into the Yakuza compound, while Sloan was being "executed"? I watched Season 3 for my first time recently, and me and my friends wanted to know what it was called-it sounded like...
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