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    Thanks a lot Alias!

    Thanks to Alias I have lots of new things to freak me out: - Parking garages. (Bad things ALWAYS happen there.) - bloody fingernails (What if I have a deadly virus?) - needles (both the ones Cole used on Sloane and the one almost used on Vaughn's eyes in Ice) - gifts of jewelry (What if it's...
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    Season 4 Which father/daughter relationship do you prefer?

    Last episode focused on the Jack/Syd relationship, while this week put the spotlight on Sloane and Nadia. There are a lot of similarities between the two. Both daughters have a hard time trusting their fathers and both fathers feel that they have failed their daughters in some way; Jack by not...
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    Who do you miss the most?

    FYI I only included characters we haven't seen alive this year. Lots of people that used to be regulars are now gone or only show up once in a while. Some of them I miss more than others. I'd say Will, spymommy, and Kendall are the ones I'd like to see back on a regular basis. What about you?
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    Dane Cook

    I just saw Dane Cook live for the first time on his Tourgasm tour which ended here in Boston on Saturday. I'd listened to his Running With Scissors stuff ("Nana is a cheating wh*re!") but he did lots of new stuff and it was hysterical. There were like a thousand people there and everyone was...
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    Politics Runaway Bride

    For those of you who haven't heard a woman in Georgia went missing a few days before her wedding. She turned up in New Mexico claiming she was kidnapped, but later admitted she just got cold feet. What do you think should be done about it?
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    Season 4 Elena a.k.a Sophia Vargas

    So I'm really wondering what Elena's endgame is. Why the hell has she been following Nadia and Syd? If she was such a bad ass assassin why did she hide herself at an orphanage? Why did she have a falling out with Irina? She can't want the spysisters dead because she could have done that...
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    Rank the Alias Regulars

    So, I thought it would be interesting to rank the regular characters by who is most vital to the show, like if they left the show would be ruined for you. I'm not talking about which character's you like best, but which you think play the most important role on Alias. By regular characters I...
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    Superman Returns

    I love Christian Bale too! Superman Returns info from imdb: Credited cast: Brandon Routh .... Clark Kent/Superman rest of cast listed alphabetically: Stephan Bender .... Clark Kent at 15 Kate Bosworth .... Lois Lane Marlon Brando .... Jor-El (archive footage) Sam Huntington ...
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    Season 4 Should Nadia be told the truth?

    So, I'm wondering what people thought about Syd keeping the truth from Nadia yet again. It took her 15 episodes just to tell her sister that their mom put a hit on her and now she doesn't want Nadia to know that it was really "Sloane". I think Syd is doing this just to protect Nadia, but I...
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    Season 4 Jack's Sacrifice

    So Jack went into the nuclear reactor to save Syd. I found an article describing what could happen to him. Here is an excerpt: God I love Jack and I don't want any of this to happen to him!
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    Season 4 S/V Dance

    So I totally loved the S/V ending. I can't get enough of those two, but i know not everyone feels the same, so express your views here, positive and negative.
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    Season 4 Was Syd right?

    So, Syd had a little hissy fit when she found Sloane in her house. I don't blame her for losing it, but I think she's right later when she relates what Nadia's relationship to Sloane with what Syd went through with Irina in S2. It's hard not to love your mom/dad even if they've done terrible...
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    Which Celebrity do you WISH you looked like.

    I'd say Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Garner.
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    Politics Arranged Marriage

    This topic came out of what people were discussing in the human rights thread. I know the idea of arranged marriage seems totally foreign to us Westerners, but it is a common practice in other parts of the world. I have a friend who is Indian and she plans on letting her parents arrange a...
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    My Super Sweet Sixteen

    I am SO addicted to this show. For those who haven't seen it, it's on MTV Tuesdays and it's all about these over-the-top extravagant sweet sixteen parties. My fave was last week when this girl went to Paris to get her dress and whined the whole time.
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    Politics Death

    So, I'm interested in what everyone thinks about death. I know it's not exactly a fun thing to talk about, but it IS important. Personally, I think that when we die we go on to some sort of afterlife. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I've seen close family members die and I can't believe...
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    Marissa's Relationship Developments

    According to this article Marissa will have a lesbian fling with Alex. What do you guys think about this? Are the writers just doing this to boost ratings? Personally, I'm glad because a Mariss/Alex storyline would free up Seth to be with Summer, which i really want to happen.
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    New Kids on the Beach

    So, we've got 4 new love interests for Seth, Ryan, Summer, and Marissa. Who do you hate already? For me it's gotta be Zack because, not only am I a majoy Seth/Summer fan, but he is just too perfect and boring. Everyone likes him: Seth, Summer, Summer's dad. He doesn't get jealous. His father is...
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    Alias hotties vs. Lost hotties

    I think both Alias and Lost have some fine eye candy, but which show do you think has hotter guys? BTW, I didn't include Sayid or Charlie or Weiss or Jack because I wanted to narrow down the choices.
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    Season 2 Help, I don't get it!

    One thing that still confuses me about this ep is why Sloane ordered Markovik to "make an example" of Emma Wallace and kill her publicly. All this did was draw attention to Project Helix and bring the CIA closer to figuring out the whole doubling thing. Wouldn't it have made more sense to kill...
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