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    A-Z of alias #3

    F is for...
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    When do YOU think season 5 will start?

    i certainly Hope that there will be a season 5...
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    Season 4 Thank you Mr. Abrams

    lol...awesome ep :D
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    Season 4 Rate: Echoes

    *gasp* aol promo...sark sydney argh whaaa???
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    Season 4 Rate: Echoes

    awesome. :D
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    Season 5 Lost/Alias Crossover

    i think it'd be really hard to do...but if they were to pull it off they'd make it good...i mean its JJ we're talking about here...
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    It's Rhyme Time!

    Jennifer's the hottest on the show I love S/V for sho. Marshall's quotes crack me up so much He's one of the greatest on the show-and thats not just a hunch Weiss's moments are rare, but hilarious It's his time to shine, and he makes them so funny its outrageous Jack is the spy daddy in the...
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    A-Z of Alias #2

    D is for Derevko, E is for...
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    Last letter game!

    elena (derevko)
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    off topic...yay im on the ali-itis list! :D thank you lol!
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    What country would u like 2 c syd visit?

    btw Baku, Azerbaijan is huge on oil
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    Who is Anna Esponisa?

    wait, whats this ep7 and ep8 2 hr special? it def didn't happen...
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    Weiss Quotes

    Well I saw that someone had a Marshall quotes i stole your idea (sorry!) for Weiss...i mean his arent AS great but there's a few funny ones out of my favorites that i can think of now (and i've only seen s3 adn what's been aired of s4 so far...) is the one when he's talkin...
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    what's your fave marshall quote?

    Marshall's quotes are great. :lol:
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    by the way...welcome to the boards.
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    i would too...if you find it could you please PM me or e-mail me? thanks.
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    Season 4 4.17 Title

    i dunno why...but sloane came to my mind...i guess i wasnt the only one who thought that but then i read about the idea here that *SPOILER ALERT* sydney tells nadia the truth about jack killing irina and thought that might be it...well i dunno...guess we'll just have to see...s4 will almost be...
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    Season 4 Evergreen

    lmao. :lol:
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    Season 4 S/V relationship - or lack there of

    hm...why did they turn the episodes flipside down?
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    Last letter game!

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