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  1. Imzadi

    How To Create a New Thread?

    Kevin, how do I start a thread? I have never started a thread. :communicator: :startrek:
  2. Imzadi

    Can a 3D printer print a gun?

    :eek::eek: I saw something similar to the "REPLICATORS" on Star Trek, only could be put to BAD use. On Star Trek, replicators were used to make food and objects. In the WRONG hands..... :eek::eek::eek:
  3. Imzadi

    Sci-Fi K-PAX

    Someone asked me about the story of K-PAX. I'll share it here. There is a theory that people can have a "walk-in" soul. The Kevin Spacey character had had an ongoing communication with an ET, but the ET was apparently invisible. When Spacey came home and found his family in the process of...
  4. Imzadi

    Sci-Fi Remember The Invaders?

    :D:D:cool:I was a big fan of THE INVADERS. There are sci-fi conventions about THE INVADERS in France like the USA has Star Trek conventions. I personally know Roy Thinnes. We met in 2003 and have kept in touch ever since. He also does oil painting and has art shows...
  5. Imzadi

    Hello, Earth Humans!

    :cool: I must have missed posting here when I first joined. I'm a retired teacher. I do art as a hobby. I also play piano and organ. I hope some day to own a Theremin. (Spooky-sounding electric musical instrument, as in the Michael Rennie "Day the Earth Stood Still".) :eek::cool::cool:
  6. Imzadi

    Spore Creations

    Here are 2 of my own creations. It is really a game called SPORE, but I use it as art work and create my own creatures
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