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  1. screenersam

    Horror My 2020 Shocktober Movie Playlist

    I generally watch Halloween III not very popular but I really like for some reason. 'Plague of the Zombies'. Hammer Kolchak is always good maybe the 'Lie to Me' episode of Buffy. sort of stand alone.
  2. screenersam

    star trek is dead on film

    I didn't watch the last one losing interest in movies in general. all sex and foul language and leftist politics. I did watch Godzilla. I think stuff like ST does better in a longer format. more time to explore the characters and intricate plot lines. some critic suggested this was the...
  3. screenersam

    What Is This From ?

  4. screenersam

    What Is This From ?

    a bit like a cyberman with a little bit of Iron Man and maybe an Outer Limits character
  5. screenersam

    Slaughterhouse Rules

    bored and watched on free preview channel. could have been a fun movie about teens vs monsters but it got the whole show business treatment--gratuitous foul language, cigarettes, sex references, ridicule of authorities, Corporations are Evil, etc. plot summary; a prestigious Brit school...
  6. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Underwater (2020) Creature Feature

    just set the thing @ 150 feet. I hear the monster is like Cthulhu (spoiler?)
  7. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Vast of Night (Amazon)

    don't think it was ever released
  8. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Vast of Night (Amazon)

    saw a preview of this the other day. looks great. modern movie set in the 1950s. phone worker and radio announcer investigate local saucer sightings. available on Amazon. a theater release is planned but might not happen
  9. screenersam

    Please help with naming a film.

    drawing a blank maybe a foreign movie or miniseries?
  10. screenersam

    Horror Religion-Based Horror Movies?

    most of what little I watch bores me. a few years ago one called 'The Order' with Brian Thompson (bounty hunter from X-Files, among other things), just stupid and obviously done by people with no knowledge of Bible / Christianity.
  11. screenersam

    Screen Rant; 10 Scariest Alien Monsters I'd never heard of half of them.
  12. screenersam

    Horror Religion-Based Horror Movies?

    'Final Sacrifice' was the MST3K cult movie. hero was Rowsdower.
  13. screenersam

    Horror Religion-Based Horror Movies?

    probly Prophecy / Left Behind I believe it will come down reeeeeal soon like
  14. screenersam

    Horror Religion-Based Horror Movies?

    not much of a fan of the genre I like the Hammer vampire stuff with church references 'Santos and the Vampire Women' had some interesting spiritual content. MST3K did that. speaking of MST there was a Canadian flick about cultists chasing a boy; he was rescued by some guy with a mustache...
  15. screenersam

    Fantasy Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

    I liked it just sit back and feel the boom
  16. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Wandering Earth (2019) [Netflix]

    chinese blockbuster 'Wandering Earth' hits netflix What If Netflix Released a $700 Million Blockbuster and No One Noticed? Oh Wait, It Just Did doom porn can't be much worse than our stuff trailer: they seem to have spent serious money on it
  17. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Rampage (2018)

    stuff like that creeps me out so not interested. thanks for the review. as I recall it did decent at the box office but not super.
  18. screenersam

    Horror Overlord (2018)

    thanks for the review you've been a busy little poster this week
  19. screenersam

    Godzilla Eng Dub Collection at Archive.Org

    I don't have the bandwith for online movies so don't know if I can actually watch any thanks again for the info. I see some MST3K material there!
  20. screenersam

    'Quatermass' reboot in works

    ‘Quatermass’ Movie In Works From Legendary, Hammer & ‘Night Manager’ Scribe David Farr "David Farr, who penned the script for The Night Manager and the sci-fi pic Hanna, is adapting. Hammer’s Simon Oakes (The Woman in Black, The Lodge) is producing. Jon Silk and Jay Ashenfelter will oversee...
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