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  1. Jethro

    Horror So complete puter meltdown kids

    For those waiting on updates on the turnkey site software we have been working on, disaster we had a core dump on the server we have all been working on. Naturally being IT dudes and dudettes we had backups in triplicate .... not! So back to square one unfort. Bright side is we learnt a whole...
  2. Jethro

    Horror Alien 40th Anniversary short movies.

    second short is up folks, Speciman
  3. Jethro

    Comedy From the only in Australia files

    Thankfully he didn't make it to PNG, one of the more dangerous places to visit on the planet.
  4. Jethro

    Budgie's Intro

    Welcome to the forums Budgie, check out the horror forums - safe from the Nerds, looks around nervously :writing:
  5. Jethro

    From a nightmare fuel place from the internet...

    Welcome to the forums, there's at least one long running music thread with vids from different parts of the world.
  6. Jethro

    Rusted Sailor

    Know all about arthritis dude, but hey could be worse. Welcome to the forums.
  7. Jethro

    Horror Overlord (2018)

    Been released Downunder but haven't grab the disc yet, will probably check it out next month - budget blown this month - damn you Doctor Who boxed sets. Aussie Director I believe. Tom in similar vein The 25th Reich might be more your taste ... or not.
  8. Jethro

    Horror Hi Guys and girls, im making a sci fi horror (space opera) series with Dolls !!!!!

    Hey britosmanel, congrats on the movie, not the owner of the forum but don't think he'll have a problem with you posting your work here :giggle:
  9. Jethro

    Horror Alien 40th Anniversary short movies.

    To celebrate 40 years of Alien Fox are releasing a bunch of short movies made by indie Directors and the first one Containment is already up on line! Actually quite impressed with this one, good storyline though predictable, CGI is certainly amateur but works, and hey is that a reference to...
  10. Jethro

    If they did a new space 1999

    Think the actual science wouldn't stand up to modern scrutiny, but hey why not Galactica did okay till that disappointing finale.
  11. Jethro

    Horror Okay disc release of a couple of local movies

    No news to hand on Killing Ground or Boys in the Trees, have contacted the Distributor so hopefully firm dates in due time. Madman have continued their dual releases of classic Aussie horror with the latest release including Kadaicha and Innocent Prey available now from either the official...
  12. Jethro

    Should this franchise be binned?

    Still rating like a wild thing, though notably large fall off (might be explained by streaming service pick ups), but for mine not that much left after the Whisperers, which at most is two more seasons.
  13. Jethro

    Sci-Fi Doctor Who (BBC)

    Xmas special is now the New Year's special, and Chibs is bringing back the Daleks to try and win back some viewers. After the last three seasons taking a year out is probably a good idea. Bring back Tenant and Davis is my call.
  14. Jethro

    BBL 2018/2019 Thread

    For those wondering, BBL is twenty over cricket which I think some of our Northern Hemisphere cousins might actually enjoy since we can't convince them to watch 5 day test cricket. My team, Brisbane Heat, went down in the first game. Our two big hitters went early, and that was all she wrote...
  15. Jethro

    Horror The Meg (2018) 6/10

    Yeah one of those movies that doesn't stand up when you analysis it but which fits into a sort of guilty pleasure zone. Screensam definitely put your brain in neutral while watching. Waiting on Bird Box to drop Downunder on Netflix, which I think happens tomorrow ... problem there is my team...
  16. Jethro

    Horror Anyone seen 'Slenderman'?

    Been avoiding it, absolutely getting smashed by Critics, but will eventually catch a screening.
  17. Jethro

    Horror The Meg (2018) 6/10

    "There's a monster outside and it's watching us." - Meiying Five years ago deep sea rescue dude Jonas Taylor is attempting to retrieve the crew of a disabled submarine in the depths of the Mariana Trench when things go heavily pear shaped. The disabled craft comes under attack from something...
  18. Jethro

    Horror Beckoning the Butcher (2014) 8/10

    "The Butcher wasn't bound to kill her" - Shannon Donahue Chris Shaw is a rising YouTube star based around his show that seeks out incantations, performs them, and hopefully gets some chill factor happening. Unfortunately for Chris thus far any number of spells have failed to raise the dead...
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