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  1. screenersam

    Looking for a book, help please.

    hope the OP is still around thankx Ensign McG for the info there was an early Doctor Who ep with similar theme, they got doped and imagined the world as wonderful. also part of 'Blake's 7' as the food altered people's perceptions
  2. screenersam

    What Are The Best New SciFi Books Of 2020 (So Far)

    thanks for the info too bad sci fi today is so much weary apocalypsing and anguished teens and woke politics. and interminable series (Book One of Ten From the Save Humanity From the Evil Whatevers Series).
  3. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Space Hero Emma Tiffany

    interesting name for character thanks for posting
  4. screenersam

    Ender's Game

    former teacher myself I can tell you that if a kid grabbed a book and read and treasured it, I was okay with. for me it was Mad Scientists Club. I came very very close to stealing (borrowing and 'losing') from county library but didn't. years later found a copy in 2hand book store (and a...
  5. screenersam

    What are you summer reading plans?

    I've been (re-)reading Cussler's Numa/Pitt/Fargo books just about finished with just checked out a detective book 'Mrs. Sherlock Holmes', not a SH work but a non-fiction about a lady detective in NYC back in the day...
  6. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Newb wants a good read! ;)

    most of Jack McDevitts books are good 'Digging Leviathan' by Blaylock. some 'fantasy' elements Dune (don't bother with the numerous sequels)
  7. screenersam

    This book is mandatory!

    haven't read much hard scifi lately will put on list
  8. screenersam

    Soldier - The Outer Limits

    good ep I think he was in Patton had a memorable role as a Native-American lawyer in a two-part Gunsmoke story. traveling lawyer who defended some Indians no one wanted to deal with. not my favorite OL ep but good. I think first ep in season 2?
  9. screenersam

    star trek novels

    I had a copy of Spock Messiah back in the day good read IIRC there was one called 'How Much for Just the Planet'; cover had pix of Kirk and a Klingon and a WC Fields-type person. never read it, always wanted to.
  10. screenersam

    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    I rarely read text on puter, though I have a couple items I couldn't get elsewhere. somewhere I downloaded some local e-book about saucer/monster sightings in Ohio. interesting stuff. Night Siege The Ohio UFO Creature Invasion by Dennis Pilichis I'm re-reading a bunch of Cussler books, which...
  11. screenersam

    Sci-Fi H P Lovecraft short story 'The Colour Out of Space'

    read it years ago. not bad. could have inspired the 'Southern Reach' trilogy
  12. screenersam

    Trying to track down a short story

    I remember that. the couple is watching tv and the dancers are flopping around and the wife says 'they're doing the best they can'. Ellison was pretty out there sometimes
  13. screenersam

    Any books or shows that deal with the breakup of the Federation in Star Trek?

    none that I know of. ST is kind of a history of the Fed. considering it's utopian nature (and the dispersed nature of a galactic federation) there would have to be some real catastrophe for the Fed to go down. never thought of it but ST has always been very idealistic, as opposed to the Star...
  14. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Omega, by Jack McDevitt

    read it. liked it. good review, informative without spoilers. I like McD's work. tends to the long but you don't bog down like a lot of lengthy books (Demons of Rainbow Bridge). (the destructive devices are explained in a later book, btw)
  15. screenersam

    Omni reboot

    some years ago I had a good friend in the Delaware area. One issue of Omni mentioned the 'Selbyville Swamp Monster', and my friend said he knew the people involved. Dang, I wish I knew which issue that was.
  16. screenersam

    Your favourite genre work?

    I like James P. Blaylock, whose work combines both. 'The Digging Leviathan' is about a boy with powers who gets involved in a race to the center of the earth between two groups, one good (William Hastings & the Trigimestus Club) and the other, well, not-so (Dr. Frosticos). 'Homonculous' and...
  17. screenersam

    Omni reboot

    my work here is done...
  18. screenersam

    Omni reboot

    anyone else remember Omni magazine? there's now an online version OMNI Reboot - The Best Science Fiction Webzine Ever I had no idea. looks interesting.
  19. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Best Isaac Asimov Books

    I read the first three of the Foundation series years ago. did not know there were more.
  20. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Trying to find titles and/or copies of a couple of old Science Fiction Books

    good luck. not much to go on. you know, I think I might have read the 2nd, but have no memory of.
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