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  1. King Kovifor

    Nightmare Before Christmas Returns!

    The NBC Franchise returns in two video games. PS1: Oggie Boggies Revenge or something like that and a GBA Game out this year I believe.
  2. King Kovifor

    Devil May Cry 4 News

    DMC 4 will be a STARTER for PS3 and won't come out on PS2. PSM magazine asked the creator if it was to take place after DMC 1 but the creator denied to comment on it. I've only reach 2 but it looks great!
  3. King Kovifor

    Mac Creator: Dead

    Apple Mac creator dies 28/02/2005 07:47 - (SA) San Jose - Jef Raskin, a computer interface expert who conceived Apple Computer Inc's groundbreaking Macintosh computer but left the company before it came to market, has died. He was 61. Raskin died on Saturday night at his home in...
  4. King Kovifor

    God of War Spoof Series Find Pimp my Weapon. I thought it was haliarious.
  5. King Kovifor

    Harry Potter vs. LOTR

    Which one do you think is better? Or which one is more "superior" and well written. I believe that Harry Potter (no I'm not being bias here.) is better or more "superior". Why? Because Harry Potter grabs your attention and keeps that attention. It has action, fantasy, and great mysteries to...
  6. King Kovifor

    Tom Clancy

    What do you guys think about Tom Clancy?
  7. King Kovifor

    eBooks and Other Online Book Sources

    This is where you will be able to find some online sources. New ones will be merged. The old ones will be closed! Old: eBooks #1 eBooks #2
  8. King Kovifor

    1up News

    Want some game news? Well, I get the newsletter. so here's the latest (recieved today)
  9. King Kovifor

    Favorite Game Poll: Suggestions April 2005

    Suggest Here! Date of Poll: All of April starting April 1 Poll end: Last day of April April's Topic: Favorite PS/PS2/GC/PC game
  10. King Kovifor

    Favorite Game Poll: Voting March 2005 - Favorite Game System

    So. What's your favorite game? System? Click the poll! New Poll every month. (starting next month some suggestions!)
  11. King Kovifor

    General Book Talk

    THis is where you can talk about all books! What do you think about the Harry Potter Series?
  12. King Kovifor

    New Releases

    Ok. This is where you will post new releases. Others will be closed and/or merged with this thread. All new threads will be merged! Older Ones: New Releases From Orbit - Posted by skwirlinator Book Releases by Month - Posted by skwirlinator
  13. King Kovifor

    Member Book Reviews/Discussion

    Members can discuss what they are reading or just finished reading here. Books are the core of our genre, always have been, always will be. Some people believe scifi is a small genre, not a career that will make you a decent wage over your lifetime and not worth the trouble. But let's...
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